Super rare 1967 Kay K583 Archtop Hollowbody, of the Concert Hall Series. Made in the USA in Chicago, Il. Kay made many guitars and other stringed instruments under several brands (notably Truetone, sold in Western Auto stores), mostly in their Chicago factory. In 1967, Kay was purchased by Valco, and under a ton of corporate debt, Valco filed for bankruptcy 18 months later and the Kay name was sold off.

These archtop guitars were made of formed maple, with slim maple necks, marketed as "Thin Line", and all the pickups in Kay guitars were hand wound in-house. Really solid bright tone, with good balance in the middle and neck positions.

This particular guitar in in near mint condition, missing only the middle pickup volume knob cap. The binding is near perfect, has few if any blemishes, has been fully serviced and in full working order.

Ships in HSC.