*Read Desc* Nikon Nikonos III Underwater 35mm Film Camera + Nikkor 35mm Lens


Condition Description:
Please note that we are selling this camera for parts, spares, or repairs. We have not been able to test the camera with film as it is not fully working. The main issue is that when the shutter is fired the curtain does not open at any speed, as such, if film was loaded in to the camera it would not be exposed. 

As the photos show very clearly, the camera body has some signs of cosmetic wear.

There are some general signs of wear and age. The grip is a little discoloured and parts of the top and bottom plates are scratched. 

When removing the inner part of the camera, the part into which film is loaded, it is clear to see that the top element has started to separate from the bottom part. We have attached a photo of the separation on the side with the film rewind lever. The level still engages with the cogs and can be used to rewind, however, this is slightly temperamental. The film rewind still works with the handle flush, the whole element does not push down all the way as it should. 

There is a screw from inside the lens cavity that has come loose. We are unsure if there is an issue with the threads but we cannot get it to screw back in to place.

The film advance lever is working and when the shutter is fired a noise is produced, however, the curtain does not raise. We cannot confirm the accuracy of shutter speeds or if there is any meaningful difference between the speeds. 

The levers to remove the interior works well. Due to the fact that the top plate of the internals appears to be separating from the rest of this element, we think it is best not to use these levers too much. As shown in the photos, we are not sure if the two parts sit as they should, they are not quite flush. We have decided not to push it fully in whilst the camera is in storage to try and minimise further damage.  Please note that this means if the camera is held from the top plate the bottom part will fall off. 

The front and rear optical elements look to be in good condition. There are a few light marks to the protective front part at the front of the lens. 

The seal around the edge of this front element of the lens looks to have deteriorated slightly. 

An element is missing from the front of the lens barrel. We are not sure what this is but it will need to be fixed ahead of use. 

The focal and aperture dials work well. We cannot test the focus but the aperture dial effectively changes the position of the aperture blades. There is some oil visible on the rear of the aperture blades. 

It's easy to remove and reinstall the lens. The lens can be moved from side to side slightly when installed on the camera, suggesting it won't be fully sealed for underwater use. 

We cannot guarantee that the camera still provides effective waterproofing. We would advise against using it submerged in water until it has been repaired and serviced. 

Camera is sold as pictured and includes Nikkor 35mm f/2.5 lens. 

Please feel free to ask any questions.

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