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Gentle help for emotional and behavioural problems, naturally.
Used by vets, trainers and people with their pets for over 30 years.

Mellow Blend

Pet Remedy for anger, dominance, training. To help gently mellow.
Simply add to food, water or treats.

New and sealed with tamper-evident lid.
Size: large 50ml
100% chemical-FREE ingredients.

Indication: Used to help reduce dominant behaviour. 
Directions: Add to food, water or treats.
Used for animals who are generally dominant, obstinate, angry, volatile, stubborn, impulsive, unpredictable or stroppy as part of their temperament or character. 
Blended to help gently aid a naturally mellowing process.

Mellow Blend can be used for:

TIP: This Blend can also be particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with either training techniques, attending training classes, or with professional techniques from an animal behaviourist (where appropriate).

What our customers say about the Mellow Blend

"I've used "mellow" for a few weeks and its brilliant! 
Will be buying again. A*****
L Naylor, Cleveland

The Blend [Mellow] really does seem to be helping 'Rufus'.
Mrs W Saddler, Somerset

Just to say that, despite my skepticism, the remedy for Felix [our cat] really has made a difference to his behaviour. He is now self-controlled, loving and a pleasure to snuggle up with. Before his behaviour was highly unpredictable and aggressive at times. Even my husband agrees that the remedy has changed Felix for the better and he was very cynical about it! Thank you very much.
J Armstrong, UK

Just to let you know I am having great results from the Mellow Blend, with training and the blend, Hunter is a far nicer dog with visitors now, the lunging has stopped completely, we still have the barking, but not for so long. Have just ordered another bottle.
Thank you for your help and I will recommend you to all my friends.
R Kolodziejczyk, Northamptonshire

"We cant speak highly enough of the Creature Comforters range and we have recommended them to so many of our clients, we lose count but it must be over 100 or more of our clients that have contacted you now which they have had very positive results from, the feedback we always get from our clients is excellent. We find your products incredibly helpful when working with dog behaviour and anxiety issues and always with excellent results"
Kent Dog Behaviour Training 'The Dog Trainer' 

Great item. Many thanks. So well packed. Very pleased
L Platt, Stalybridge

Brill thank u šŸ˜Š it really does work
Mr A Lee, Sheffield

Originals of all our testimonials available to view upon request.

As you can see - from our feedback - owners find this product very helpful. 
It may not be an instant cure for your pet. A minority of pets may still need additional help.
Please follow the instructions on the label and leaflet for the best outcomes.

Pet BlendsĀ® used by vets, trainers and people with their pets for over 25 years. 
Suitable for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, cattle - every type of pet or animal - large or small, young or old.

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Q: What are the Pet BlendsĀ® ingredients?
A: They contain Flower Essences (Mother Essence Tinctures of CCFE and Bach Remedies), food-grade vegetable glycerine (used as the natural preservative), spring water, and 0.2% ABV.

The Bach Flower Remedies were discovered in the 1930's by respected London surgeon Dr Edward Bach and have been used worldwide for over 75 years as an established and respected complementary therapy for people and animals.

Flower Remedies are a non-fragranced product that is taken internally (please see instructions on bottle or visit our website or contact us by eBay message/email for more advice). 

The Pet BlendsĀ® used by vets and trainers for over 25 years.

ABV means Alcohol by Volume. 0.2% ABV is a minuscule amount and is perfectly safe for animals of all types, breeds, sizes and ages
The Pet BlendsĀ® and Flower Essences have been safely used by hundreds of thousands of animals for many decades. 
Flower Essence MET is preserved in alcohol and 50% spring water, before being added as a few drops to the Pet BlendsĀ® bottle.
For nearly 80 years people have given neat Flower Essences to animals which can be up to 36% ABV, therefore just 0.2% ABV in the Pet BlendsĀ® is an extremely insignificant amount.
For example and as a comparison: significantly greater amounts than 0.2% ABV of alcohol can naturally occur in a humanā€™s or an animalā€™s bloodstream through the process of digestion and fermentation of food [1]. And fruit juices typically contain a naturally occurring ABV of 0.1% [2]. There is little or no actual fibre of the Flower Essence plant in our Blends, it is the 'energy signature' of the plant - the pure 'Mother Essence Tincture' used as the active ingredient. To learn more about this, and how it works, you can visit our Flower Essences Explained webpage, address on leaflet and/or label.

Flower Remedies are a safe and gentle complementary therapy, they are not a substitute for medical or veterinary care from a qualified professional.
The Key Words are a guide to the symptoms and emotions that may be eased by taking this product; they are not a guarantee of a cure for those exact symptoms.
Flower Essence literature suggests that they can be taken along-side other treatments and have no known side-effects.
As with all Remedies and medicines keep out of reach of children. 
Store bottle in a cool, dry place below 77F.

Made in Britain.

If you have any questions please contact us.

[1] FES 1996
[2] 2015


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