Travelers Red Sunset – all organic ingredients: hibiscus flower, spearmint, rosehips, lemon verbena, orange peel, Ceylon cinnamon

SUMMER FAVORITE – We developed Red Sunset for Café Red, in Seattle’s Othello neighborhood. This gorgeous red brew is perfect for iced tea but also delicious hot, and since it has no caffeine, you can sip it past sunset and drift happily to sleep with no problem. It’s loaded with vitamin C from hibiscus and rosehips, brightened with spearmint and lemon verbena, and finished with orange peel and a little natural cinnamon bark to give it a full flavor. Ingredients are all organic. Use a full teaspoon per cup of very hot water, steep 3-5 minutes and strain. Delicious with a little sweetener, or enjoy its brash sourness full on for a most refreshing cup of tea. (It also makes a very nice sun tea, it that’s your thing.)

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