Cattier Super Fine Green Clay 1Kg is well-known for its multiple properties. It is used in facial masks and poultices, due to its beneficial action. It absorbs, regenerates and soothes and is especially suited to the care of combination to oily skins. It regulates excess sebum, eliminates impurities, revitalises the skin and encourages cellular renewal. Rich in micro-nutrients, it provides the skin with minerals and oligo-elements. Clay extracted in France, protected from pollution.

Cattier clay is selected and packaged with the utmost care and of unparalleled quality. It is sourced in France in areas preserved and protected from pollution. Through its multiple benefits, Cattier clay is the daily accompaniment for a healthy and harmonious life with nature.

Absorbent, purifying and regenerating clay to revitalise skin with minerals and oligo-elements.

Recommended Use:
To prepare the clay paste: Pour the desired quantity of clay in a glass or wooden container. Add enough water (spring water, if possible) to fully immerse the clay. Leave  for about half an hour and then stir with a non-metallic spatula to get a smooth doughy texture. 
To apply as a face mask: apply the clay paste in a thick layer on the face and neck avoiding the eye contour and lips. Leave for about 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water, dry and complete treatment with a moisturiser. 
To apply as a poultice: Put the clay paste on a natural a fibre. Spread the clay with a wooden spoon to a thickness of 2 to 3 centimetres. Lay the poultice leaving the clay in direct contact with the skin and keep it (loosely) in place with a bandage. If the poultice is to be applied on an irritated area, place a light gauze between the clay and the skin. To remove rinse skin with warm water and dry.

Composition: Green clay (Montmorillonite Illite)

Presentation: 1kg box