Before you Buy you should know:

  • Evolution E-Cycling LLC will not give partial refunds under any circumstances. If an item is defective, you must return the item to us and we will issue a full refund.
  • Evolution E-Cycling takes great care in packing and shipping our items and only takes responsibility for items that we ship. We take no responsibility for items reshipped by the buyer.
  • Please read the "What's not included" section before purchasing to avoid any confusion about what you are receiving. Our "What's included" section will give you a list of what you will receive in your purchase.
  • Our laptops do not come with operating systems installed.
  • Our laptops do not come with chargers unless otherwise noted.
  • The batteries included in our laptops have been tested for functionality,
  • Under no circumstance will we give out service tag or serial numbers. If you have questions about the item that isn't answered in the listing, please ask us.
  • Before purchasing equipment, please make sure you check the condition section of our specifications table. The Grading for our equipment is as follows:


  • Key Functions Working: Some of the functions that a user expects to work properly have been tested through manual or automated means. Software may not be loaded or configured. Hardware required for key function tests may have been removed (i.e., hard drive). May be missing components not essential to key functions. Secondary functions may not be tested or working. May not include batteries that are not working or not tested. All missing parts or cosmetic damages will be listed. Data is sanitized or free of data storage media.
  • Collectible or Specialty equipment: Rare, vintage, and no longer manufactured or supported by original manufacturers. Specialty equipment are rare, and specialized equipment not generally available for retail. Inspected and determined to be viable for reuse or parts. May have broken or missing pieces. Data sanitized or free of storage media.
  • Hardware Functional: All hardware is tested manually or with diagnostic software and verified working. No missing or damaged components or parts. Software not loaded or configured. No hardware defects. Data sanitized or free of data storage media.
  • Cosmetic Description: Fair (Moderate use and age) - Cosmetic conditions are consistent of wear, including multiple dents, discoloration, and light and heavy scratches. Damage to latches, keyboards, hinges, etc. Some parts, panels, bezels, or covers may be missing.
  • Cosmetic Description: Good - Cosmetic blemishes may include scratches and/or other surface imperfections from consistent use, but equipment is in good condition overall. Minor wear to labeling may be visible. Small dents and small areas of discoloration may be present from the removal of tags. No damage to latches or hinges, nor any missing parts, panels, bezels, or covers.
  • Cosmetic Description: Very Good - Cosmetic blemishes include minor scratches and/or surface imperfections from consistent use, but equipment is in good condition. Minor wear to labeling may be visible. Minor dents and areas of discoloration from the removal of tags. No missing parts
  • Cosmetic Description: Excellent - Overall excellent cosmetic condition. May have light scratches or other minor blemishes from normal wear. Minor cosmetic blemishes have no impact on the system's overall functionality or performance. Fully cleaned with all non-original labels removed. No missing parts.
  • Cosmetic Description: Unused - New, out of box, unused equipment removed from original packaging with no signs or wear or alteration.
  • Cosmetic Description: New Open Box - New, unused equipment in original packaging where factory seals have been broken. No signs of wear or alteration.


    • Listed above 

    What's Included

    • HP EliteBook 650 G1 i5-4200M@2.50GHz 4GB RAM No HDD

    What's NOT Included

    • Charger
    • WIndows COA


    • Tested for functionality
    • Scuffs, small dents, scrapes, and scratches from use
    • The battery will need to be replaced

    Payment Information

    Completing payment on Winning Auctions or Buy it Now Items is easy! Simply click the eBay "Pay Now" or "Commit to Buy" button in the listing. Once you have successfully reached the checkout page, simply follow the instructions from there.

    • Evolution E-Cycling LLC only accepts PayPal as payment

    • Evolution E-Cycling LLC is unable to make changes to orders once payment has been submitted.

    PLEASE NOTE: Payment for auction items must be submitted within 14 days of auction close. If payment is not received in 14 days, the sale will become void and the item will be relisted.

    Returns and Refunds

    • If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of delivery (The Day you receive your item) We will be happy to do a full refund after the item has been received and inspected.


    Evolution E-Cycling only ships to addresses in the lower 48 States. Evolution E-Cycling LLC DOES NOT ship to PO Boxes, Freight Forwarders, Hotels or Internationally. This unit is for use in the United States only.

    At checkout, you will be able to choose a shipping option for your system. Note that changes to shipping method cannot be made once the order has been paid for. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with your order information. This typically arrives within 3-4 business days after you complete the checkout process.