FOR PARTS ASUS X552LDV-SX752H notebook 15.6" HD 4th gen Intel Core i7 8 GB DDR2.


-the original asus battery (dead)

-hard drive

4400mAh Battery for Asus X552LDV-GreenCell is the battery currently in it, DOUBLE THE Capacity compared to original battery, like new

Everything else is original, ac adapter EU version. Portuguese keyboard.

Stopped working properly after being connected on a different voltage plug. now connects, but screen wasn't working, although it would show image on external screen (through hdmi at least), keyboards some keys stopped working after that. could be permanently or not, don't know

tried to check the interior, but gave up, some cables inside are not plugged back in (ex keyboard).

Has both original ram (2x4gb), original dvd player, wireless board, ac asus (EU) adapter gou nvidia chip, etc... selling it for parts/as is condition.