Welcome!  Please read this description in its entirety.  It explains what you can expect from our Can Lids.

Brand new set of 4 Soda Can Lids in sealed poly bag.  Fits all standard-sized 12 oz. soda cans, and any beer cans that have tops with the same dimensions as 12 oz. soda cans (please check your beer can - beer cans have different sizes).  Comes in assortment of one or more of the following colors:  red, white, navy blue and/or ivory.  Made in USA.

What our Can Lid does:

- Keeps drinks in can fresher
- Prevents bugs from coming into can
- Reduces spillage if can flips - please see below
- Reduces amount of fizz loss compared to having an open can

What our Can Lid does not do:

- Does not guarantee zero spillage if can flips.  Sometimes you get little or no spillage, but the amount of spillage you may get depends on various factors, like duration of can in flipped position, amount of liquid in can, force of flip/fall, etc...
- Does not keep fizz as well as a twist cap on a plastic bottle

Orders ship out within 3 business days.