12V Fully Intelligent Pulse Repair battery Charger

car battery charger

Smart 12V Battery Charger/Maintainer

Repair: car battery charger performs desulfation to dissolve any detected sulfuric acid crystals growing on battery lead plates.

Bulk Charging Mode: portable battery charger charges the battery at a constant current to allow the voltage to rise, recharging ~80% of the battery capacity.

Float Mode: the car charger pulse charges the battery at 13.5V, to maintain the full charged status of the battery without overcharging it.

car battery charger

Ensure your battery is compatible with the battery charger maintainer and operating area is well ventilated and dry.

  1. Connect the alligator clips/ring terminals to the DC cable, and then connect the AC cable to the charger.
  2. Connect the red clamp (+) to the positive pole and the black clamp (-) to the negative pole of the battery (if the battery is connected incorrectly, error code “E - -” will be displayed on the screen).
  3. Connect the charger with AC power source and the charger will begin charging the battery.
  4. Once the battery is fully charged, the Battery Power Indicator will show “FUL” – maintain charging for at least 1-2 hours afterwards.
  5. Unplug the charger or leave on Float Mode.

NOTE: charging time may be longer if battery needs to be repaired.