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Product Description

3D Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask With Headphones

This will be a great choice for sending friends/kids/colleagues as a birthday or Christmas gifts.

How does my phone connect to Bluetooth eye masks?

1. Long press "ON/OFF" button for about 3 seconds for red/blue light flash.

2. Open your Bluetooth in the device,find the Bluetooth name "musicozy",then connect.

3. After connecting the Bluetooth,you can listen to the music by sleep mask headphones!

Why this sleeping earphones wireless doesn't have any indicator light on while charging when I get it?

For 2 situations as follows: 1. It means it is fully charged, just long press power button and connect it to your device and will see the headphones are fully charged, you can use directly. 2.It maybe something else, for this just ask me for help.

Why the bluetooth is easy to disconnect and the connection is unstable?

Make sure that the distance between your mobile phone and the Bluetooth headphone is within 33 feet. Please make sure the distance of your smart device and the sleep headphones eye mask