Now Nottingham Road, Outram Street, Argyll Road, Fletcher Street, Stanley Avenue and Zycomm Communications.

Lovely Illustrated (Particulars with Plan)

Details of Auction of "GREENWICH HOUSE" with 4 lots of eligible land.

15 acres 0 roods 18 perches

Sold by J. & W Heathcote - 26th August 1918

35 x 23 cm

5 pages with colour map of the estate.

House with a colourful History - Greenwich House is also known as Fletcher's House. This has been a private school at one time, a doctor's residence at another. Later it was the site of Ripley Miner's Welfare (1925-1977), Sunset Boulevard Leisure Complex (1977-1980) and since then , Zycomm Electronics. 

The Council bought part of the land beside the House to build their first housing estate in I920-21, comprising Fletcher Street, Stanley Avenue, and Walker and Redfern Avenues.

Good/fair condition for age - minor marks and wear - split along creases - damage to back from being stuck down - see photos for full details.