The Complete Set of Genuine Bach Flower Essences

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40 x 10ml stock dropper bottles. Boxed, Brand New & Sealed.
Contained in a custom remedy box.
Includes full colour leaflet.

For the past 85 years Flower Essences have been used to help gently address transient emotional  problems - naturally.

Our complete range of all 38 Bach Flower Essences are made to the traditional & trusted methods of Dr Bach (the man who discovered the Remedies in the 1930s). Each bottle is blended direct from the Mother Essence Tincture - therefore, they are a Premium Quality product.

This Set contains 40 bottles - one 10ml stock bottle each of:

Agrimony : Inner torment, 'Putting on a brave face'  
Aspen : Unfounded fears / Phobias / Apprehensive 
Beech : Intolerance / Perfectionism / Arrogance / Judgmental  
Centaury : Servile / Dominated / Subservient / Compliant / Bullied   
Cerato : Uncertainty / Seeks advice / Weak identity / Exploited / Not trusting own intuition   
Cherry Plum : Fear of losing control / Irrational / Explosive   
Chestnut Bud : Unobservant / Failure to learn from experience   
Chicory : Smothering / Possessiveness / Selfish / Clingy / (Craves love)   
Clematis : Inattentive / 'Day dreaming' / Absentminded / Clumsy   
Crab Apple : Self-loathing / Obsessive / Compulsive / 'Contaminated'   
Elm : Overwhelmed by responsibilities / Despondency   
Gentian : Pessimistic / Sceptical / Negative attitude / (Annoyed)   
Gorse : Hopelessness / Stagnation / Disheartened / 'Given up hope or pursuit of help or change'  
Heather : Self-absorbed / Lonely / Needy / (Obsessed by own problems)   
Holly : Anger / Jealousy / Revenge / Defensiveness / Hostility   
Honeysuckle : Wistful / Longing / Regret / Nostalgic / Bereaved / 'Stuck in the past'   
Hornbeam : Mental fatigue / Apathy / Over burdened   
Impatiens : Impatience / Irritability / Frustration / (Pain)   
Larch : Under-confidence / Feeling of inadequacy / Expect failure   
Mimulus : Known anxieties (e.g. fear of: the dark; illness; small/large spaces etc.) / Timidity   
Mustard : Periodical gloom / 'Feels like a dark cloud descending, then lifting'   
Oak : Overworked / Tired / Serious / 'Brave struggle'   
Olive : Extreme exhaustion (e.g. following: illness; emotional trauma etc.) 
Pine : Guilt / Over-conscientious / Self-blame / Unworthy   
Red Chestnut : Extreme worry for the safety of others (of loved ones) / Anxious predictions   
Rock Rose : Terror / Alarm (during accident, illness, panic etc.)   
Rock Water : Rigidity / Staid / Martyrdom / Self-denial (e.g. 'of pleasure')   
Scleranthus : Indecisive / Uncertain / Fickle / Unbalanced / 'Dizzy'   
Star of Bethlehem : Deep emotional trauma (past or present) / Distress   
Sweet Chestnut : Despair / Desolation / Anguish of the heart   
Vervain : Stressed / Fanatical / Intense / Highly strung   
Vine : Tyrannical / Willful / Ruthless / Hard-hearted
Walnut : Upheaval (difficulty with transitions) / Vulnerable   
Water Violet : Isolated / Detached / Grief / Aloof / Independent   
White Chestnut : Incessant, intrusive and unwanted thoughts / Mental 'chatter'   
Wild Oat : Directionless / Dissatisfied (with career, 'life path' etc.) / Uncertain / Aimless   
Wild Rose : Resigned... 'to your lot in life' / Bored / Apathetic (yet stoic and uncomplaining)   
Willow : Resentment / Bitterness / Sulky / Blame / Self-pity / Hurt   

Plus two 10ml bottles of Comforter Essence
Contains the traditional Five Flower combination of Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem. 
This is the same 5 Remedies that Dr Bach used to make his original Rescue Remedy™

... this Bach Flower Set contains a remedy for many human emotions

Each Essence, above, could make you over 100 dosage bottles. 
They are Stock Bottles - made from the Mother Tincture and can therefore be diluted for use by adding to a dosage bottle, for example.


How to use our Essences

A) Fill a dosage dropper bottle with spring water and add a teaspoon of your chosen preservative (eg brandy or apple cider vinegar).
Add to that 2-4 drops of each of your chosen mix of Flower Remedies and Essences.
Take 7 drops 3 times daily (for example morning, afternoon and evening) until bottle is finished. 
Store the dosage bottle in a cool, dry place.

or B) Put 2 drops in a small glass of water and sip.

or C) Put 2 drops under tongue.

See instructions on label, or used as advised by your qualified Practitioner.


What makes our Essences so special?

This set of Genuine Bach Flower Remedies are made according to the natural, traditional & trusted methods developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s. 

Therefore, each is blended to a traditional concentration which is - importantly - taken direct from the Mother Essence Tincture, made using the Solar method of infusion, where applicable. 

Each bottle is carefully prepared by a dedicated staff, who have over 40 years of experience working with Flower Essences; as qualified practitioners, producers and authors.

Our Remedies are made the way Dr Bach intended and are from the Birthplace of Bach's Remedies.

Five good reasons to choose our Genuine Bach Flower Essences

1. Every stock bottle potentized direct from the actual Mother Essence Tincture 

2. Mother Essence Tinctures faithfully made to Dr Bach's traditional 1930s methods. Using either Bach's boiling or Solar method of infusion - in the wild, at the location of the freshly picked flowers

3. Each Essence blended to a Stock Concentration - precisely the way Dr Bach did 

4. Each Mother Essence made - and Stock Essence bottled - individually by hand, without the use of machinery. Made by experienced and dedicated staff for the past 40 years

5. Reasonably priced and premium quality 

If you know about Dr Bach and the true way he made his Remedies you'll understand why ours are the sensible choice. 
For the above 5 reasons they are indeed Genuine Bach Flower Essences. 

Our Bach Essences have been lovingly made by a dedicated and experienced staff for over 40 years - suppliers around the world to Flower Essence Practitioners and lovers of Bach Flower Essences that are traditionally made. They make the Perfect Gift.

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Flower Essence literature suggests that these products can be taken along-side other treatments and have no known side-effects. Bach Flower Essences contain brandy which is used purely as a natural preservative. 23% ABV. As with all Remedies and medicines: keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Flower Essences are a complementary therapy, they are not a substitute for medical or veterinary care from a qualified professional.

Each bottle has a +8 year shelf-life.

The Key Words are a guide to the symptoms and emotions that may be eased by taking the product; they are not a guarantee of a cure for those exact symptoms.

The Bach Flower Remedies were discovered in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach and have been used worldwide for over 75 years as an established and respected complementary therapy for people and animals.

Contents not to be sold separately.

Flower Essences are not Essential Oils, they are a non-fragranced product that is taken internally (please see instructions on bottle).

All information on this listing is provided for information purposes only and not as a substitute to your existing communication with your healthcare provider. We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented on this listing, consult your healthcare professional. Flower Essence and Flower Remedy products on this listing are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please always read the product information contained on the label before taking any medicine, remedy or other supplement. You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions for using this product. 

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