Plastic PC motherboard on off reset switch power cable description:

Type: push button momentary switch
Wire length: approximately 45cm
Material : plastic

Metal motherboard switch button with blue led description:

Cut out diameter: choice of 12mm & 16mm [the 16mm wires are sleeved]
Material: nickel plated brass & stainless steel
Type: push button momentary switch
Led Voltage: 3V to 5V DC
Led color: blue
Led icon: power on
Wire length: 4 x 45cm motherboard cables. Total length including Dupont connectors and switch button ~50cm

4 wires motherboard configuration:

Led light pins
Red = positive [PLED+]
Black = negative [PLED-]

Power on or Reset pins
White and yellow cables can be connected randomly between ground [Ground] and power on or reset pins [PWRSW or RESET]

Ideal also for DIY PCB projects and other single board computers with Dupont male GPIO.


Terminal type PIN terminal
Switch specification 3A 250vac
Contact resistance less than 50m ohm
Insulation resistance more than 1000M ohm
Dielectric strength 2000vac
Operating temperature -20 ~ +55 degree
Mechanical life more than 500000 times
Electrical life more than 50000 times
Panel thickness 1~10mm
Torque about 3~5N
Operating pressure 5~14Nm
Operating stroke about 2.5mm
Protection degree IP67


1 - Contact Silver alloy
2 - Button Nickel-plated brass/ stainless steel
3 - Case Nickel-plated brass/ stainless steel
4 - Base PA66

LED parameters:

1 - LED type Ring-illuminated LED
2 - Rated voltage 2v to 6v
3 - LED colour Blue
4 - LED life 40000 hours