Crime/Suspense Legal Drama

Third and Concluding Novel in The Witness Trilogy

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Unforgettable characters

Police negotiations have failed. The potential for violence has escalated. London Metropolitan Police Constable Brian Davies, a well-trained and experienced officer, discharges his firearm and rescues the victim, but the aftermath of his action seems unending. A life was saved, but some in authority doubt the propriety of PC Davies' response. Forensic findings appear to dispute his version of the events. While the victim seeks healing from her harrowing encounter, PC Davies finds himself at the mercy of the British judicial process. This moving and suspenseful novel builds on the trauma to recovery themes embedded in The Witness and The Mission.

"A thrilling romp through a legal and forensic cliff-hanger! A masterfully woven tale of law enforcement challenges, anti-police sentiment, courtroom justice, impacted families, motherhood, and grace. There's more than one hostage in this book - each facing a momentous and uncertain outcome."

Tom Gede, Attorney-at-Law, San Francisco, CA

"The hostage rescue description is really accurate. I've been on similar missions during my time in police service, and my heart rate actually went up as I read it. The post incident procedure is exactly what happens. These and other realistic scenarios add to the impact of the book. And the court scenes were the best I've read, gripping and yet humorous."

Ian Chadwick 

Specialist Firearms Officer (Retired) 

London Metropolitan Police

"An emotionally engaging novel! Brian is a superbly constructed character, and he functions -- alongside of Jenny -- as a compelling protagonist. I absolutely loved the diary entries of Elspeth. She bridges the past, present, and future in a very powerful way, and her story is wonderful and original. Finally the representation of miscarriage and infertility -- rarely tackled in literature -- was a great strength of this book."

Anna Hall-Zieger 

Professor, Creative Writing 

Texas A&M University

"The story begins with a crime and then proceeds to highlight the effect it has on multiple characters. As the police procedure evolved, I actually felt a part of the plot. The characterisations -- major and minor -- and the technical details were all absolutely spot-on. Perfect! A fine ending to an engaging trilogy!"

Bill Tillbrook 

Chief Superintendent (Retired) 

Commander, Specialist Firearms Command

London Metropolitan Police

    Publisher‏:‎Homeport Publishing 
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