Hades pellets only sold in addition to a Pellet-Pod and not separately.

DON'T BE FOOLED BY CHEAP 3D PRINTED COPIES - no soft insert, no clear front, poor finish.



Protects Pellets from damage and makes them easy to dispense !

PELLET-POD is a small pellet carrier which protects pellets from distortion and damage.
It has a clear sliding lid that allows you to dispense the number of pellets you require
into the palm of your hand without the rest falling on the floor.

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It has been specifically designed and purposely manufactured with the airgun shooter in mind. 

Whether you shoot targets or hunt with your airgun, you'll find PELLET-POD indispensable. 

  • Holds 50 pellets
  • Protects pellets from damage and distortion
  • Loads in seconds, "tip and shake" *
  • Soft EVA foam insert in which the pellet sits
  • Clear acrylic lid slides both ways to make access to pellets easy (tight fit)
  • Sturdy acrylic body construction
  • Red ... so it's easy to find if dropped!

PELLET-POD is a innovative, quality product, designed, engineered and manufactured to fine tolerances. 
The designer is someone who shoots an airgun himself.

To fill PELLET-POD just "Tip & Shake"Slide out the clear lid. Cup your fingers around the unit. 
Tip pellets onto the EVA foam & Shake. You'll find pellets will just drop into the holes provided.
Remove the excess pellets. Replace the lid and you're ready to go!