Room Heater or Pot Heater

-20 Pack Candles (3.5-4hrs burn)
-Pack "Eco Low Tox" Soya Candles (4-6hrs burn)

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Winter Warm Fireplace, Solid Metal Radiator, Heating Without Electricity or Gas, Tealight Heater for Garden Terrace, Bedroom, Living Room etc.
Select Double or Single Base before purchase

Why Purchase?:
Reduces reliance on Gas and Electricity for heating rooms,
Drives out condensation and damp in air,
Effectively heats rooms and spaces,
Quick, Easy Assembly,
Continues to provide heat even after candles extinguished,
Very Low Running Costs,
Easily Portable,
Off Grid Applications,
UK Stock (or Air Shipping),
Free UK returns

Tea Light Radiator/ Heater: Besides being a heater, the tealight heater creates a cosy atmosphere and is excellent for driving out condensation and damp air. Space for 6-8 tea lights (depending on the diameter of the tealight), it is the perfect alternative to heating. Turn the central heating down/off!

Solid Metal Structure: Made of metal for very good thermal conductivity, thanks to the solid metal structure of the tea light heater, the heat can be released quickly and evenly. Spend warm and comfortable winters on cold winter nights. Bring warmth into your home with this tealight heater.

Solid Metal Outer Shell: The Outer Shell allows you to safely have candles underneath it in almost any scenario. If an object falls onto the candle heater (outer shell), then the outer shell at the top deflects anything falling onto the candle heater. Whereas if you have naked candles burning, any object falling onto the naked flames would likely catch on fire.

Dissipates Heat Evenly: Continues to conserve heat with the patented solid metal wall construction. The tea light radiator/ heater can reach 75℃ to 85℃(167℉ to 185℉) and emits this evenly to the environment via the metal surfaces.

What is difference between single and double base?:
The double base is to provide a bigger footprint for the heater to stand on as well as additional heat dissipation to keep the base a little cooler.

Can I use this as an Off Grid heating option?:
If you're off grid with winter coming, this really is a great low cost option for heating. Around two soya candles will give you approximately 6 hours heating or two nights, for three hours to warm a small space e.g boat, van, bell tent etc
By placing the candle radiator in a deep stainless steel cooking pan it makes it very safe to leave lit whilst you are inside. (It is recommended to use soya candles if placing candle radiator in a stainless container).

Will bigger wicked candles give more heat radiation?:
Yes, because the wattage of the candle/s will be greater than a small tealight, but we cannot recommend you use bigger wicked candles.

Winter Gift: When gifting, use this tea light heater, which can bring warmth to a home.

Summer Gift: Use this tea light heater, which can bring warmth and effect to an outside space. Use with citronella candles to repel mosquitos, midges and most flying bugs.

Easy to Use: Portable and easy to use. Move anywhere or purchase multiple heaters for the most used, or 'hard to keep warm' rooms. Portable, so excellent if you're Off Grid, camping etc.

What's in the box:
1 x Fireplace 'Shell'
1 x Base
1 x Metal rod
1 Heat Plate Dissipater (fits inside shell)
Several Screws and nuts;
(Without candles, Candles in photos are for display only, purchase separately)
Quick, Easy Assembly.

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Item name: Tealight oven
Material: Metal
Color: Black (As shown)
Installation size: Approx 27×17×17cm/10.62 × 6.69 × 6.69in
Item weight: About  658g/23.21oz

-Double Base Heater
-Single Base Heater

(Candles/Tealights not included)

-Pack of 20 Candles
-Pack 6 "Low Tox" Soya Candles

Package Includes:
-1x Candle Heater
(Order candles/ tealights separately)

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