What you get:
Two Game Pass Codes, totalling 80 days of Game Pass Ultimate.

Works for all profiles which haven't receieved Ultimate from a EE/BT Promotional offer.

The codes stack, please redeem all codes on the day of purchase.

Additional Info):
Please don't purchase multiple. 
Valid method of payment is required to redeem.
Make sure you turn off recurring billing.
Works on Xbox One S/X and Series S/X, can be redeemed in the UK

Delivery is via our automatic fulfillment system, your
code(s) will be sent within 5 mins of purchase.
In rare scenarios, orders could be delayed up to 8 hours.

1. Visit microsoft.com/redeem
2. Type the first code in, press continue and confirm to redeem.
3. Then redeem the second code.
4. Thats it!