(Unloading my guitars and amps collection, always stored in my studio, never gigged)

Fender Pro Reverb   Blackface  1967


6L6GC Svetlana Winged C power tubes

in a classic Fender push/pull class-AB configuration

2x12 Jensen C12N Original Cone Vintage Made in USA  Code: 220331  and  220334

AA165 Circuit Board with original Ajax blue-molded tone caps

All original transformers

Upgraded power filter capacitors (in the can) - a must for vintage amp

Sounds great - Everything works - Reverb and Vibrato

Included genuine Fender RCA 2-button vintage vibrato-reverb footswitch

**Shipping in continental US only, estimated $146 - Local pickup preferred**

From Premier Guitar: How does it sound to play through a Pro Reverb, with its combination of the classic black-panel AB763 tone stack, dual 6L6GCs, a large and bass-y 2x12 cabinet with a 5U4GB rectifier tube and a small output transformer? Beautiful, full, clean tone at lower volumes and wildly cranked tones when pushed—much more than you’d expect from such a big Fender amp. Very few amps can do both of these sonic profiles.

From eBay IA: This Fender Pro Reverb amplifier from 1967 is a classic piece of musical equipment, known for its distinct sound and powerful performance. It has been well-maintained over the years and is ready to rock your next gig or recording session.

Featuring the iconic Fender brand, this Pro Reverb model is a must-have for any serious guitarist. Its vintage charm and reliable functionality make it a timeless addition to your collection. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this piece of music history.