Snow White Platinum Parrots Cichlid (Pack of 2 Snow White platinum Parrots Cichlid Fish approximate 2 or more inch’s for the males. Females are always smaller.

I don’t sell my fish as fry I like for you to be completely satisfied and know what they look like when you receive them !!! I do have fry if you prefer them just let me know. In the comments.

These fish has been tank bred and taken very good care of.

Fish Direct From Breeder They are like little puppies and are glad to greet you when you come up to the tank. Snow white and no blemishes. One of the most easy-going cichlids I have raised. They get along with just about everyone. If you would like to have all males or male and female, let me know in the subject line and we will try our best to get them the way you want. These beautiful fish are almost ready to start breeding. I would say within the next 30 days or so. The last photo is of one of my personal tanks with a lot of different species. Don’t get these platinum Snow White parrots confused with the white convict cichlids. Big difference.

We ship UPS second day air through the winter season. All orders come in a cooler or Styrofoam packed box with Heat pads during the winter and Cold packs during the summer.

We do combine shipping !!!


In the unlikely event that you do have a DOA fish please take 2 clear photos of the fish in the unopened bag. Please use a paper towel, or another surface. Please cut the tail of the fish completely off in a photo of all doa fish together. I’m sorry I have to go to such extremes but in my time of selling fish through a different network a lot of people said they had a dead fish when it was not.

We pack our fish with CO2 and a heat pad or a cooling pad if needed.

All orders are shipped on Mondays and Tuesday so they do not get held up in shipping on the weekends.

In case of a DOA Fish, we will immediately refund your money for the fish that is deceased minus the shipping.

Thank you and please contact me if you have any questions through eBay.

Please bring fish inside promptly after delivery. YOU WILL GET THE FISH THAT YOU SEE IN THE PHOTOS. Thank you and we do appreciate your business.