•Includes Free 1-Month X-Box Game Pass Ultimate Trial (Terms and Conditions Apply)
•Cab features lights and sounds
•Detachable trailer with foldable ramp
•Accessories include 2 cones and finish line
•Includes 3 pull-back sports cars
•Everything fits in the trailer!


Ready up! This 24” Forza Hauler Set with Lights and Sounds makes a perfect gift for all Motorsport fans. This freewheeling semi comes with 3 pull-back sports cars, cones, and a finish line. Everything you would need to stage your own Motorsport event. The sports cars are 1:24 scale models their real life counterparts, with eye-catching decos and Forza branding. These include a blue Bugatti Chiron, white Mustang Mach 1 and yellow Corvette C7. Race the cars by pulling them back and