Here we have an assortment of oddball cards and stickers that had to do with Cleveland Municipal stadium on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie! Yes, by the end of it's useful life, people said it was a dump...but it was OUR DUMP! I have sooooo many memories of this mammoth building. On page 1, we have a small sticker of the stadium on a sunny day. #2 has a drawing on the front, and stadium facts on the back. #3 is a Fleer card form 1989, with Chief Wahoo on the front and some team history on the back. #4 has a Fleer sticker on the front and a picture of the stadium on the back (there are 2 of these). #5 has a B&W picture with dimensions. Then we have a Fleer all-star card from 1992. Then there is an Upper Deck card with a goodbye to the historic stadium. Then, a B&W playing card on one side, and a color picture of downtown Cleveland on the other (some yellowing due to age). Then, we have a picture that I took with my own camera in September of 1978...and no, it isn't showing the size of the crowd during a game. Lastly, we have a more modern sticker of The Tribe and The Chief. Secure shipping in a bubble envelope with tracking will be only $5.00. I ship within 1 business day, and I have a 100% POSITIVE Ebay rating after selling and buying for over 23 years! Thanks for looking!