Vehicle Details

I have a brand new 1967 corvette REPLICA body and a real 1967 corvette chassis for sale. I do not have a title, but I do have the MSO. Repeat, this is a replica body, it’s brand new and I have the MSO, not a title. It was made by Fat Cat Rods in Georgia. Look it up on line. The body cost 13500.00. The body is either for pro touring or pro street. It is tubbed as you can see in the pictures. This body kit is brand new. Some parts will need to be bonded together. It cost 13500.00 and if you call Fat Cat Rods, that is what it will cost. I have 2 fuel tanks, 2 rear springs and 4 extra rotors that go with the car. The #3 crossmember on the chassis is cracked and needs welded up or replaced. This is a project car.