Custom Cichlid Pack!

In this package you’ll be getting 6 African Cichlids . They’ll be from a mix of over 25 different species. There will be a mix of peacocks and possibly a few haps. I can’t guarantee gender or colors yet as they are still too young to tell. You’ll be paying for 5 fish that you’ll choose from my other listings. I then will add another 1 for free to cover any losses. If more than 5 arrive dead let me know and we’ll work something out. You’ll be able to choose 5 fish from any of my other African Cichlid listings. The only exemptions will be my Adult Cichlids and my 3”+ Colored out males. When you make the purchase, reach out to me to let me know which 5 you’d like me to get. Make a list of 10 fish I carry and I’ll add whichever I have available at the time starting at the top of your list. They’re being raised on a healthy blend of flakes and pellets. Also they get algae wafers pretty much everyday. At times they get baby brine as well. They’re raised in a PH of 7.6 and temps between 78°-80°. They move from tank to tank as they grow so they’re very hard and accustomed to acclimating to new environments. The photos are a mix of my breeding group and some photos of the babies you’ll be getting so your fish could come out with any awesome mix of colors. The fish in the first photo is one I bred myself. No guarantee you’ll get a stunner like him but you never know. I always try to ship with the weather in mind but if something happens on their way to you we’ll figure it out together. If fish show up dead please send me photos of them in the bags within two hours of arrival and we’ll see what we can work out. This is my business but my customers satisfaction is my top priority. Let me know if you have any questions. Please be advised; I only ship on Tuesdays so if you order from me after 8pm on a Monday night, your fish won’t go out until the following Tuesday. 👍🏽👍🏽You can’t go wrong with this combo