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Brand new from SRM, CNC machined interface plate for mounting a Tekin RX8 or any similarly-sized electronic speed control (ESC) to your Traxxas chassis.  This is meant to fit into places where the Traxxas EVX-2 was previously mounted.  This interface plate will allow you to seamlessly, professionally, and non-permanently mount your ESC into popular Traxxas models like the Summit, 3905 and 3908 E-Maxx, and E-Revo (gen 1).  You simply use double-sided servo mounting tape to adhere the new ESC to this plate and then use two screws to fasten the plate down to the chassis in the same location as the EVX-2 ESC. 


Note: this plate may not fit the 3906 E-Maxx chassis and to properly fit into the later generation E-Maxx chassis, the small protrusions on the chassis around the stock ESC must be cut off.


Key features:

- Precision CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminum
- Compatible with Traxxas Summit, E-Revo (gen 1), and 3905/3908 E-Maxx
- 100% designed and manufactured in the USA!
- Allows you to easily install and remove your Tekin RX8 or other aftermarket ESC
- Utilizes servo mounting tape to hold ESC to plate which is then fastened to your chassis
- Clean, professional appearance with superior strength
- Manufacturer part number 08-013-03


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