This laptop about represents the highest specification gaming laptop that is compatible with Windows XP and will also still happily run Windows 10 and modern games. So if you are into playing retro games and also the occasional modern game (on the go?) then this is the laptop for you. The best of both worlds!


Processor: Intel i7 3630QM 4C/8T 2.4-3.4GHz

Memory: 16Gb DDR3

Storage: 256Gb SSD + 128Gb SSD

Graphics: Nvidia Quadro K2000M 2Gb DDR3 (Kepler GK107)

Screen: 15.6” 1920x1080

Optical: CDRW/DVD combo drive

Dual-boot: Windows XP Pro and Windows 10 Pro

Will run any Windows XP game at full resolution, high details. Windows 10 also runs really well and can be used for any modern software and even recent games (eg. GTA 5, Minecraft, Fortnite etc)

Lots of games installed in Windows XP for testing purposes, see photos.