The Harrison Instruments 206 is a printed circuit board that may be used to construct a precision pitch theremin with the addition of inexpensive user-supplied materials. Please note that this product has no provision for antenna-controlled volume; it is designed for only one antenna, to control pitch. Compared to our previous designs, the 206 features a reduced size of 3.8" x 2.5" (97 x 64mm), improved sensing distance, and improved audio output drive capability. An improved pitch-zero control range accommodates greater variations in antenna capacitance and grounding conditions. Electrical connections to the user-supplied components are easily made with solderless, compression screw terminations. A typical user configuration is shown in the second image. The 206 is ideal for OEM build-in applications where a reliable, affordable pitch theremin is required. For additional information, please refer to our 206 Pitch Theremin Printed Circuit Assembly website.


* Ideal for OEM build-in applications, art and technology exhibits, and classroom demonstrations

* Works with either plate or rod antennas (not included)

* Operation from a user-supplied 9 volt battery or 9 to 12 volt power adapter (not included)

* Low idle current consumption (6.5mA typical) for long battery life

* High-fidelity, pleasing sine-like output tone with exceptionally low noise, wide pitch range, and good sensing linearity

* Loudspeaker output capable of delivering sufficient volume for many applications including showrooms, classrooms,  technology displays, and museum environments

* Line output for user-supplied external amplification

* Accommodates user-supplied loudspeaker volume and pitch-zero potentiometers

* Stable, low-drift operation

* On-board suppression prevents damage from static discharge to antenna

* Easy calibration with one on-board adjustment

* Excellent sensing range for versatility in exhibits and displays

Complete application instructions and product specifications are included on the Harrison Instruments 206 Pitch Theremin Printed Circuit Assembly website.

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