An anagram of a book, here is a vaguely chronological patchwork of Forty(ish) personal stories, following the trials of Coming Out, the Age of Consent, family rejection, dodgy boyfriends, police swoops, the enemy without, queer bashers, the stern presence of HIV/AIDS, the loathsome Section 28, the friends, the outrage and the outrageous, the fun, the sex, the scene, Love, Equal Marriage and bereavement...This is the story of every 70 year old gay man in Britain today. FORTY LIES = LIFE STORY. 
Basically a comic book, with added knitting patterns.

"Magnificent! It's like going back in time and being reborn gay, without all the mess. The best laugh I've had in ages" Steve Bell

"A rollicking romp through queer culture" Peter Tatchell

"The jokes are great and the knitting patterns glorious" Posy Simmonds

"I love Forty Lies. It's so beautiful, rich and multi-layered" Steven Appleby

"This book is an absolute joy - Dusty Springfield would be proud, and so am I" Kate Charlesworth

336 pages full colour paperback with flaps