Active slim  30 Capsules 400 mg

All its ingredients are GMP and Halal certified.
Active slim New contains sweet potato extract, which helps a lot in losing weight because it is considered a food with a low glycemic index that does not cause a sharp increase in blood glucose levels, on the contrary, it helps to maintain and effectively lose weight.
Active slim capsules also contain Gymnema, which promotes low-calorie intake because it affects the sweet receptors on the taste buds.
It helps reduce the intake of high amounts of glucose in food and also helps prevent future weight gain.
The capsules also contain sodium, which is an essential element when losing weight because it helps the body maintain proper fluid balance.
Sodium also helps in the proper functioning of muscles and nerves.
Active slim capsules also contain Garcinia cambogia, which greatly helps in the weight loss process.
Garcinia Cambogia blocks the body's ability to build fat quickly, thus helping prevent weight gain and helping the body use old, stored fat as an energy source.
The final ingredient is a mineral (Chromium) which is also a great addition to this formula

Expiry 2027