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A Pair (2 RCA sets) of New 5ft (1.524 Meter) High Quality RCA with "Internal Ground" PCB Kit

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Technics 1200 or 1210 MK2, MK3, M3D, MK3D, MK5, MK6, M5G, MK5G, GLD, LTD.

Great replacement if you have damaged your RCA's or RCA PCB and wish to upgrade from stock RCA's and PCB to High Quality 6 foot RCA's and Internally Grounded RCA PCB.

Professionally packaged for safe shipping.

Now with online Step by Step Installation Video

Note: This modified RCA PCB & RCA's permits you to have an "internal ground" without having to solder the ground wire. Simply install, cut your stock ground wire, solder your tone arm wires and you are done. Notice the Quality workmanship and added Heat Shrink around the Barrel to prevent cord / rca connect from damaging.

This cable is perfect for fitting between the Stopper & Clamper as shown below.

Replacement Upgrade for Part # SFDH122-09E5.

Reasons to buy our product

Some important upgrades with buying from us.

  • Internal Ground Modification complete on PCB giving you the best ground possible with no extra work or risk of damage
  • Stock RCA Cable is only 3.5 ft. This offers you more length.
  • Shielded (Insulated) RCA Cable against RF interference
  • Gold Tip Connectors for strong signal contact
  • Proper RCA thickness to fit through Spacer & Clamp on Tone Arm Base Plate (Most people try and use Super thick cables which only prevent you from proper installation)
  • RCA Connectors are firm yet easy to remove once connected. (Not Home Theatre Cables as most use which are too tight and can damage female RCA's on mixer or Amplifier)
  • Quality Professional Soldering for strong and clean signal
  • We always back what we sell with over 20 years of experience


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