Buy My Super Deluxe Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer Build Kits:

Complete Kit Includes:
1 Tension Mechanism Kit
2 Magnet Drive Kits
1 Rubber Feet Kit

The Complete Kit will build QTY 1 Cheese slicer as shown in my video (NO stainless sled)

At this time, I do not sell the stainless bar stock needed to make the sled model in the video.  You can make one the works just fine out of wood or buy the stainless steel cut offs on ebay like I did. The correct size is 3/8" x 2" x 8" long

You can buy the following kits separately if you want to make one without the board or use it for something else.

Tension Mechanism Kit:
Custom Thumb Knob M5, qty 1
M5 square nut, qty1
M6 washer, qty1
M4x8 pan head screw, qty2
M4 hex nut, qty4
Stainless Steel Wire, qty 2
wood tension adjuster made my MJR, qty 1
2 maple strips **

** the tension adjuster requires a glue assembly step ... see video for reference

Magnet Drive Kit:
25mm Neodymium Pot Magnet, qty 1
25mm Stainless Steel Spacer, qty 1
M5 x 20 flat head machine screw, qty 2
UHMW plastic adhesive disc, qty 1

Rubber Feet Kit:
1/2" DIA Silicone Rubber with stainless steel screws, qty 5 BLACK***

*** please see my other listing for other color options

Your purchase helps me produce great educational woodworking videos. 
Thank You for your support.

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