M6 x 1.0mm Metric Button Die, HSS. By top brands.

Please select the condition of the Die you want:-
  • Very Chipped - Die has a lot of chips some small some large, ok for reforming threads or cleaning threads.
  • OK/Chipped - Die is in an ok condition with the few large chips, ok for reforming threads or cleaning threads.
  • Ok - Die is in a ok condition with a few small chips, ok for cutting the odd thread or as above.
  • Good - Die is in a good sharp condition may have the odd small chip, good for cutting a lot of threads or as above.
  • Very Good - Die is in a very good sharp condition, with plenty of life.
  • Excellent - Die is in an excellent sharp condition.
  • New – Die is in a new condition.
Dies are manufactured by Dormer or Goliath.

Outside diameters on request.

We are happy to ship overseas.

Please contact us for discount on multiple purchases.