Orionis Systems

Only UK EE-Supported

#SUPERFAST 5-30 minutes permanent Network Change Service


BLOCKED phones are NOT SUPPORTED, We don't encourage any illegal activities therefore We will not change network or Sell them.

What is Supported by this Service?

1.  All UK EE phones Supported
2.  Delivery Time Frame Will Be 5-30 minutes
3.  In some cases it may take up to 48 hrs (No Cancellation/No Refund until 48hrs)

What is NOT Supported by this Service? (NO REFUND FOR NON-SUPPORTED IMEI/ORDERS)

1.  Any other than UK EE are Not Supported (No refund for this kind of order)
2.  Blocked IMEI Not Supported. We have zero tolerance against this. WE WILL NOT ENTERTAIN THESE KIND OF PHONES (No refund for this kind of order)
3.  Wrong IMEI Not Supported (No refund for this kind of order)

Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before you make a purchase, you abide by the terms & conditions automatically once you purchase this item. We urge you NOT to place any order if you are unable or unwilling to comply with any of the terms & conditions stated in this entire listing.

1.  We won't be able to cancel the order or refund the order once payment is made. This is because we have an instant submission policy and your order would have been submitted to the server by the time you asked for cancellation or any amendment
2.  If your phone is Blocked, then the server will not be able to unlock your device, as the supplier won't refund us we won't be able to refund at all. It is the buyer's responsibility to make sure the phone is not blocked
3.  Strictly "I Have Change My Mind", "Not Required Anymore", and "I Don't Have a Phone Anymore", all these reasons are not acceptable as we would have submitted your order under the Instant submission policy
4.  If service does not work, kindly contact us ASAP, Video proof via WhatsApp Message is strictly required. Kindly refer to our refund policy section for more details

Refund Policy

1.  We will refund your full payment if the service is not found in the Database, this is applicable only when you have sent us supported IMEI Only
2.  NO REFUND for NON-Supported/Blocked/NON-EE UK MODELS, This is because we don't get a refund from the supplier
3.  Make sure your phone is prompting for for the network change, if it doesn't that will be your responsibility, No Refund for this as we don't get a refund from the supplier
4  If you are Unable/Unwilling to provide a video proof via WhatsApp Message then we won't be able to give a refund,
   we need proof that unlocking the code hasn't worked,