SFWS031-Nelly Furtado

1.On the Radio Remember the Days-Nelly Furtado

2.Powerless-Nelly Furtado

3.Promiscuous-Nelly Furtado

4.Try-Nelly Furtado

5.Tun Off the Light-Nelly Furtado

6.All Good Things Come to an End-Nelly Furtado

7.Forca-Nelly Furtado

8.I’m Like a Bird-Nelly Furtado

9.Maneater-Nelly Furtado

10.In God’s Hands-Nelly Furtado

11.Give it to Me-TimbalandfFurtado/Timbrlke

12.Do it-Nelly Furtado

13.Say it Right-Nelly Furtado

14.Te Busque-Nelly Furtado

These discs are in CD+G format (CD with lyrics). The music can be heard on a normal CD player, but a CD player with Graphics enhancement is needed for the words to be shown on-screen. All songs are quality re-recordings in the style of the listed artists. *Many other brands, songs and artists available at low cost through dudldeals. Just ask.