Uppercase: JOKYR.COM
Expiration / Renewal Date: Nov 2023
* You are buying a digital item (domain name).
* Free push to only your NameCheap account within 24 hours after providing your NameCheap username or email address associated with the account.
* If you do not have a account they are easy and free to create.
* Only domain name is for sale. Logos, websites, or other digital items not included.
Steps to ownership
1. Buy domain name and make payment.
2. Provide your username associated with your account for the push. If you do not want to provide your username, you can provide the email associated with the account. NameCheap allows either one to be used for the push.
   * Change of ownership can't occur without this info.
3. Be on the lookout for a message from seller that the push has been initiated.
4. Log into your NameCheap account or check your email for NameCheap instructions on how to accept the push. Or if you have "Automatically accept ownership of domains" enabled at NameCheap the domain will be automatically inserted into your account.
* How long does the push take? Once the NameCheap account info is provided it shouldn't take more than 24 hours (usually much less) for seller to initiate the push. Buyer will then need to log into their NameCheap acccount and accept the changes!

* What is a "push"? A change of ownership by "pushing" the domain name to another account within a registrar. Easy and quick.

* What is a "transfer"? A change of ownership by moving the domain name from one registrar account to another (such as from Dynadot to NameCheap). A more complex procedure requiring an authorization code and sometimes with restrictions - best left up to a domain owner.

* What is a registrar? A business that allows the public to officially purchase and register a domain name. Most are accredited by ICANN (a private non-profit corporation that is responsible for managing the IP addreses associated with domain names). Examples include NameCheap, Godaddy, and Dynadot.
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