SAV P4099 

Luftballoons                                           Nena                                                                     P40-1

A Very Special Love Song                     Charlie Rich                                                          P40-2

Cover Girl                                               New Kids/Block                                                   P40-3

Down By The Station                             Four Preps                                                           P40-4

Englebert The Elephant                         Tom Paxton                                                          P40-5

Footsteps                                                Steve Lawrence                                                  P40-6

Halfway To Paradise                               Bobby Vinton                                                       P40-7

I Put A Spell On You                               CCR                                                                     P40-8

JaDa                                                       Singers Unlimited                                                 P40-9

Laura                                                      Standard                                                             P40-10

Tatooed Lady                                         Groucho Marx                                                      P40-11

Me And The Elephant                             Bobby Goldsbro                                                  P40-12

Peaches N Cream                                  Ikettes                                                                 P40-13

Right Or Wrong                                      Wanda Jackson                                                   P40-14

Saved By Zero                                        Fixx                                                                     P40-15

Somethin’ About You Baby I Like           Cmpbll/Col                                                           P40-16

Dark End Of The Street                         Cmpbll/Mann                                                       P40-17

This is My Night                                      Chaka Kahn                                                      P40-18

Walking To New Orleans                        Fats Domino                                                      P40-19

These discs are genuine and original and are in CD+G format (CD with lyrics) ie the music can be heard using a normal CD player, but a player with Graphics enhancement is needed for the words to be seen on-screen.All songs are quality professional re-creations in the style of the listed artists and not original recordings and all discs are brand new unless otherwise stated. Some discs are, however, occasionally received from a supplier without the cellophane wrapper. We rely on our reputation and customer satisfaction for continuing orders so invite customers to contact us on any aspect of our business for this brand, or any other brands, songs and artists. dudldeals.