See Individual listings for tracks and artists of the following discs-

SFH001 Mar97,SFH002 Apr97,SFH003 May97,SFH005 July97,. These multi-audio discs are also available individually for £3.99 each (SFH004 June 97 is not available from us but is advertised for sale elsewhere on E-Bay for £4.95) You have a total of 40+40  tracks with and without guide vocals so there is no need to switch to left or right channels as in multiplex formats. 

The discs are in CD+G format (CD with lyrics) and are the fore-runners of Sunfly's established monthly releases. The music can be heard using a normal CD player, but a CD player with Graphics enhancement (CD+G/ CDG)is needed for the words to be shown on-screen. All songs are re-recordings in the style of the listed artists.