The front of this postcard features a festive Halloween greeting with a cute design from Suzy's Zoo. Suzy's Zoo is a beloved brand known for its adorable animal characters created by artist Suzy Spafford. The brand has been popular for decades, especially for its charming illustrations on greeting cards, stationery, and other products. The postcard also includes a stamp and a code for mailing purposes. On the back of the postcard, there is an address for Current, Inc. in Colorado Springs, where Suzy's Zoo products are produced. Suzy Spafford, the creator of Suzy's Zoo, has gained a loyal following for her whimsical and heartwarming designs. The brand's characters, such as Witzy the duck and Boof the bear, have become iconic in the world of children's illustrations. Suzy's Zoo has a timeless appeal that continues to delight fans of all ages. Overall, this postcard is a charming and nostalgic piece that captures the spirit of Halloween with a touch of whimsy from Suzy's Zoo. The brand's enduring popularity is a testament to the universal appeal of its cute and endearing characters. Sending this postcard is sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face and spread some Halloween cheer.