Dabbsson 1330Wh Portable Power Station Solar Generator+1700Wh Battery Camping RV

Dabbsson DBS1300 + DBS1700B Expandable Battery - 3030Wh | 1200W

  • Plug & play backup power for home & outdoor.
  • 1.33-9.46kWh expandable capacity.
  • AC charging to 80% in 44 mins.
  • 1200W-2000W AC output, 1600W with P-boost mode.
  • EV Semi-solid state LFP battery, 15-year lifespan, 4500 charge cycles.
  • Smart energy manegement via Dabbsson App.
  • Portable and compact, always on the go.
  • 5 Years warranty ,lifetime technical support& 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Any Reason
What You Get:
  1. Dabbsson DBS1300 Portable Power Station x1
  2. DBS1700B Extra Battery x1
  3. AC charging cable x1
  4. Solar charging cable x1
  5. Car charging cable x1
  6. User manual x1
  7. Warranty card x1
  8. 3+2 years warranty,
  9. Rapid local customer service
  10. Lifetime technical support.
What is the condition of the item?
Dabbsson_official_store has listed this item as New.
What's the warranty policy?
Dabbsson_official_store : Dabbsson provide 5 year warranty for our New power station.
What's the cycle life of refubished products?
Our refurbished products are eBay certified. They are only slightly used. The cycle life are above 95%. In addition, we also provide two year  warranty policy for refurbished products.

Where do you ship from?

This item ships from Vernon, California, United States


Do you offer international shipping?

No,this seller doesn't offer international shipping.


Only receive one package?

If you order a bundle. For exampe, a power station and a solar panel. As transportation requirement, battery product must be shipped alone. So you will receive two packages. As packges may be shipped from different warehouses, they may arrive at different times. Please be patient or you can contact us to track another package.


Cancel order?

Please issue a cancellation request then our team will help you to cancel within 24hours. Thanks.

What is the return policy?

DABBSSON accepts returns. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for Any Reason Undamaged products can be returned for a full refund for any reason within 30 days of the delivery date. Once the returned item arrives back at Dabbsson's warehouse for inspection, the refund process will begin.
Repair and replacement services may continue to be provided after the product warranty period has expired. The price for repair services depends on the replacement parts and on-site repair services. If the product is deemed unrepairable, the original product may be purchased at a specified discounted price.

How to process return?

Please submit the return request. Our staff will process your return within two working days.

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