Pair 3T Axle Jack Stand + Hydraulic Floor Trolley Jack 2 Ton Low Profile Lifting
Package includes:
1x 2T Hydraulic Floor Jack (with Case)
2x 3T Jack Stands
2T Hydraulic Floor Jack
This Professional mechanics 2 ton hydraulic car jack is a durable product at a keen price.
Providing a lift height of 290mm, castors provide effortless manoeuvring and positioning.
High quality strong, sturdy 2 ton vehicle jack.
140mm to 290mm height range
Rear castors rotate for easy, control and manoeuvre ability.
Built-in one piece hydraulic unit with pump-through action designed to prevent the handle locking at
Maximum ram extension.
Safety valve prevents overloading.
Integrated carry handle
Industrial hydraulic pump with relief valve
High quality 2 ton trolley jack.
Manufactured from heavy duty steel.
Simple, design for ease of use and maintenance.
Compact design.
Ideal for lifting cars and light vans.
Long, lasting and durable construction for a long service life.
Product Specifications:
Maximum capacity: 2 ton
Minimum height: 135mm
Maximum height: 320mm
Size: 450mm x 195mm x 135mm
Product weight: 9.5kg
Lifting: 2T
Color: BLUE
Material: Steel
1. When jack is not in use, lifting arm should be in full down position.
2. Always keep jack clean and keep the screw and bearings well lubricated.
3. Store the handle with care.

3T Jack Stands
One of the most important tools in the workshop are the jack stands. That's just because they are incredibly versatile. This set of 4 offers optimal quality.
Each jack is loadable up to 3000 kg and very stable. This high carrying power allows a perfect tire change in the car. The trestles are up to the big load and make every hand easier. The jack stands can not only be used as a jack, but also for other purposes. Thanks to the height adjustment, the bucks can be flexibly adapted to any car. The jack stands are made of steel and cast iron. The four splayed supports ensure a secure footing.

• robust welded construction
• perfect as a car jack or for other purposes in the workshop
• 9-stage height adjustment thanks to rack
• Ideal for any hobby workshop
• four splayed supports for a secure stand
• wide adjustable feet - gentle on the workshop floor, offers maximum safety
• quick height adjustment by one-hand lever
Technical Details
Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 190 x 200 x 235 mm
Material: steel and cast iron
Color: blue with black stamp
9-stage height adjustment thanks to the toothed rack
Weight per jack: approx. 2.4 kg
Lifting area: 14 cm
Each jack can be loaded up to 3000 kg

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