BRAND NEW GAMING COMPUTER - AMD RYZEN 7 8700G 16 Logical Core APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) + 2TB NVME SSD + 32GB DDR5 RAM + DESKTOP / GAMING COMPUTER! Fully Assembled, Plug and Play!


PROCESSOR (CPU): AMD Ryzen 7 8700G APU 5.1 GHZ (5100 MHZ) Turbo Eight Core / 16 Logical Core APU w/ AMD Wraith QUIET Cooler (Windows Sees and Uses 16 Cores)

AMD Socket AM5 Micro ATX Motherboard W/ HDMI Out (+1 Additional DVI/VGA/DP (VARIES)
Gigabit LAN
HD Audio
USB 3.2

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit): APU Discrete DirectX 12.1 Graphics AMD Radeon 780M 2900 MHZ (12 Compute Cores)

MEMORY (RAM): 32 GB (Kingston, Corsair, G.Skill, Patriot, Major Brand(s)) DDR5 5600+ MHZ+ Dual Channel Gaming/High Performance RAM

SOLID STATE DRIVE:  2TB Class M.2 NVME SSD (NVME SSD are Minimum 10x-30X Faster than Standard HDD)

CASE: Sleek Black + RGB Steel ATX Mid Tower (Side Window)
  •  Mid Tower
  • USB / Audio Front Ports
  • 2 Internal 3.5" Drive Bays
  • 2 2.5 Inch Mounts
  • 120mm Cooling Fan(s)

+ Watt Peak High Efficiency ATX PSU

Operating System: Windows 11 Pro 64 bit 

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    Every system is FULLY tested twice – First at assembly time, and again before shipping out.

·         All drivers and manuals that are available will be included (Most are available online only!)

·         All system components will be compatible to each other!

·         All Systems are fully insured and packaged with great care.

·         I offer free technical support.

·         I can customize to a certain extent, simply message me!


The pictures provided (Including Stock Photos or Actual Images) are for aesthetic representation of the product. The components listed are what will be in the system. Pictures are example representations of the suggested final product and are NOT meant to be 100% accurate.

·       The Final Assembled Item - PC (Computer) - is considered a Brand New Item, the seller maintains total discretion on the component aftermarket brands included, such as board partners (third parties), and on the condition and performance of said components where necessary. This includes side-graded and upgraded parts when necessary (as fast or faster component in place of listed component). The final assembled PC is a Brand New Computer build that did not exist prior to the seller creating it, it has only been powered on for necessary assembly and testing purposes.

·         I have constructed these systems based on the best price to performance ratio, for you, the buyer.

Windows Activation (Activated Windows), when offered, is included as a complimentary part of the listing, no guarantee to provide (initially or thereafter), replace, or recover a license key is provided, the method and provision of activation is solely the discretion of the seller. This is a 100% genuine direct from Microsoft Windows 10 installation (regarding the software files). In reference to un-activated please note - The operating system never needs to be activated to continue system use, however it may prompt to activate, but this can be ignored indefinitely, activation is not required (by the user or the manufacturer of the software or hardware) to continue using the PC and is thereby not a necessary component of the computer system or the listing itself (it is not included value wise as part of the listing/item). The software can remain un-activated forever - (or you may enter a key of your own to activate it at any time!)

Warranty (When Offered!): Individual Part(s) Warranties – Individual Components are covered, where applicable, under their respective OEM Manufacturer Warranties Only. The seller does not provide or service these warranties! If a component fails in the warranty term (where applicable), the seller is not liable to replace the component. Replacement of components is a courtesy and offered as such. The defective part, when or if approved for replacement, must be returned prior to a replacement being provided. The warranty is in no way a guarantee or a “Whole System” Warranty. It is a limited individual component warranty provided only through the component's original manufacturer, not the seller. The seller operates as an intermediary at the seller's discretion only.