Planning a trip to Florida, Hawaii  or anywhere else in the US or Canada?  Let me help you acquire the best possible rate for your travel. Below are the weekly rates I can obtain at all Florida Airports + other airports around the US and Canada.  Contact me today for a no obligation quote!   I specialize in Minivan / Std. SUV rentals, nobody beats my rates, guaranteed!   Here are examples of my rates during non peak time, each rate below is the base rate, taxes and fees would apply.  All rentals come with unlimited miles.  

7 day rates do not include taxes and fees as they vary at each airport. Rates include unlimited miles:

Econo - $88
Compact - $90
Mid-size - $99
Full-size - $129
Standard SUV - $170
Minivan - $170

What is the process?

I need to know your pickup/drop-off location, dates, times and the size of car you would like to rent. Please note that credit card information is not required to book a car in most locations, which is why I have the ability to arrange the rental for you. 

I will book your rental once I have presented your options to you and you agree to the rates.

I have saved thousands of people an incredible amount of money over the years. I have decided to come out on ebay and try and save other people as much as I have saved my personal clients. Please contact me for more information today!

Note the information will be mailed to you upon receipt of payment.

The discounts you receive are based a number of factors such as the city you are renting in, how far in advance you book, time of year and the availability of cars in the city specified.  It is best for you to book as far in advance as possible! 


Feedback:  I always leave positive feedback for those who leave me positive feedback


Repeat Customers:  My full service package is $30 for all returning customers and for all of your friends and family so feel free to spread my  name around!

You can't loose by having me provide you with a free quote ahead of time - just send me your info and I will get back to you ASAP!  No conditions or obligations!