This is a  Vitai VT-36M - VHF Marine band hand held radio. 

This is the UK version complete with channel 80 (UK Marina Channel) Ch 37A(M1) 157.850MHz and Ch (M2-P4) 161.425MHz

It is IP67 category waterproof - essentially this means you can drop it in the water where it will float and has a small flasher built in so you can find it in the dark! All the buttons and sockets are sealed making it a very handy emergency radio. 

If you have a boat and don't yet have a radio, these can get you safe and able to communicate at a very reasonable price. Packed with features, but the critical ones are one-button controlled. It can operate on the the three main channels settings - International, the one most commonly selected in the UK but also has the USA and Canada settings available if you travel to these regions.

High Power output is 5W, and the Low Power setting is 1W.

Instant access to channel 16, and the small size fits easily in the pocket.

This is normally 1-2 days.

PLEASE NOTE - All radios described as waterproof rely on making sure the battery compartments are secure and correctly fitted - if you remove a pack, cover or flap please make sure you replace it carefully so the water exclusion seals can make good contact. If the batteries or covers are not fitted properly - water WILL get inside. It's very important to check they are closed properly.