This is a Recent RS-507M - VHF Marine band radio. New stock just arrived  covers ALL UK channels.

If you have a boat, and want safety but a totally simple radio - this is the one for you.

It is IP67 category waterproof!  All the buttons and sockets are sealed making it a very handy emergency radio. 

It can be freemounted on the supplied bracket, but the design also allows you to cut a panel hole and slot the radio in for a permanent and secure fit. The IP rating means the primary purpose in this radio is to ensure spray and rain to not penetrate the radio. It has a useful feature that can be engaged to clear a water clogged speaker grill if the sound becomes muffled - you engage it and the unit vibrates the speaker to push out water droplets!

If you have a boat and don't yet have a radio, these can get you safe and able to communicate at a very reasonable price. Packed with features, but the critical ones are one-button controlled. It can operate on the the three main channels settings - International, the one most commonly selected in the UK but also has the USA and Canada settings available if you travel to these regions.

High Power output is 25W, and the Low Power setting is 1W.

Instant access to channel 16, and the small size fits easily in most vessels with a 12V DC power supply. You can change channels on the radio itself, or by the microphone buttons for convenience.

Now the more complicated features.

The radio is fitted with DSC - a digital identification feature. If you have a radio licence OFCOM will have issued you with a unique MMSI code. This entered into the radio and there is a red emergency button under a flap. Holding this for a few seconds issues the equivalent of a distress call. The Coastguard are immediately notified of a station in distress and by cross checking your MMSI number, will know who you are. 

A feature we all hope never gets used. However, the digital system also enables you to add a name to your radio, which can be shared with other friends or similar vessels and you can make silent calls to them. Like the contact list in your phone, the radio can show a list of names and you can press a button and their radio will acknowledge your call and switch to a predetermined channel. Great idea and it saves lots of radio calls on channel 16 - which gets very busy in some areas. New model includes data connection for GPS NAV input from plotters etc.

You DO NOT have to use these features, but they are built in.

Fitting wise, the simplest method involves just supply 13.8V like a car. There are other cables for the nav system etc, but these do not need terminating - just don't use them! There is a socket for an extension speaker - if you need one.

It has plenty of volume and is very simple to use the basic functions - the clever ones are hidden in a menu.

When you open the box, power it up and select the International Channel set from the programming menu - then connect your boat antenna. This should have the very common PL259 type connector.


Please note this radio includes channel 80 (UK Marina Channel)PLUS CH 31, Ch 37A and Ch M2/P4