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UK Sea Fishing Minimum landing size Fish guides

Size - 21x9.5cm 


Undoubtedly the best, self-adhesive, UK Sea Fishing Minimum landing size Fish Guide on the market today.. we've been making decals for tackle boxes since 2009 and know a thing or two about making the best products out there..  

These super sticky guides have what is probably the most comprehensive list of UK fish species and minimum landing sizes available, we know because we spent a long time collating all of the information from many official sources. If anyone else is using it and it doesn't say Mighty Bright, they stole it! All elements of this guide are ©MightyBrightLtd 2020

With it’s list of fish species and sizes available at a quick glance, it is perfect for charter boats, kayaks, 

We make these entirely in house and therefore can truly control everything from the quality of the materials used, to making immediate adjustments on regularly printed batches - others may claim this, but we know they just buy cheap stickers in!

Printed by our own in-house printers onto a quality high tack brand name vinyl (little to no shrinkage over time), we then laminate them to protect them from smelly fish oils, the elements and even anglers bums! 


The easy to use ‘minimum landing size’ means it’s easy to see whether or not your fish is big enough to retain to eat or include in competition. This guide measure would be equally at home on any flat, non porous surface such as boat bait boxes etc. 

Minimum size limits are based upon current size limits published at the time of printing, they are subject to change by the fisheries agencies and you are always advised to check your local fishery sizes as they may vary.



This item can also be supplied with club or shop logo’s in place of the mighty bright logo, Minimum quantities and discounts will apply.  

Fish MLS and species listed can be adjusted to suit regional variations based on your specifications (club and shop orders only). Special listings will be placed for trade / club orders. Please use the ‘ask a question’ function to enquire further.

For best results we recommend the following....

1)      Wash off the surface with hot soapy water and rinse away soap, sand and any other contaminants.

2)     Avoiding smoking and naked flames, we then use Isopropyl alcohol (or petrol lighter fluid) to thoroughly clean the surface, rub well with a cloth and fluid to deep clean the plastic of accrued fishing build up!

3)   If you are not prepared to lick it, it is not clean enough yet! 

3)     where possible, the measure is best fitted in a warm dry environment , With clean & dry hands, remove the backing from the sticker and apply with the zero ( 0 ) line against any stop line, do not stretch the measure as it is printed to be very accurate, stretching it will obviously mess up the measurements. If fitting to a boat, we suggest a dry and not too cold a day.

5)  Firmly press the decal down from one end to the other so as to expel any air, the adhesive is heat and pressure sensitive to do not be afraid to press down firmly.. Do not use any kind of   soapy water mix as this will ruin the adhesives effectiveness onto plastic.

 6)  Go fishing and catch some fish!