PRO-3 XTR'eme Heavy Duty Suspension Trainer Strap Kit

PRO-3 XTR'eme Heavy Duty Suspension Trainer Strap Kit

Pro-nimen is the designer and manufacturer of the Pro-3 XTR'eme.

PRO-3 XTREME Heavy Duty Suspension Trainer Strap Kit (Home & Gym)


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MILITARY GREEN or YELLOW BLACK PRO P3 XTREME Heavy Duty Suspension Kits (2 versions: i.e. Rubber handles and Foam Covered handles with either single or optional double extender ) - LOCAL STOCK - SAME DAY DISPATCH -  

THE HD Pro 3 XTReme KIT: Professional Gym Edition (We Only Do the XTReme Version - Unlike others, Pronimen are the designer so you are purchasing direct from the manufacturer, not from a third party and not lesser quality than advertised. The XTReme is one of the strongest, if not most the most versatile, top of the range kits constructed from heavy duty waxed high density nylon, doubled stitched, with high pressure die-cast bulldog grip rollers for those who take their training seriously and need their kit to last - BE AWARE, pictures and descriptions of others, don't always represent the actual item and there is a vast difference between picture and reality.


Please read the reviews and visit the PRO-3 webpage - The PRO-3 XTReme is the UK's number one selling heavy duty suspension trainer. IT IS NOT A COPY PRODUCT, THE PRO-3 PRONIMEN IS ORIGINAL AND COMES WITH THE APPROPIATE WARRANTY.

ARMY & NAVY - PRO-3 XTReme - Supplied to both the British ARMY & Royal NAVY
PERSONAL TRAINERS - PRO-3 XTReme - Supplied to professional personal trainers up in UK, Ireland, and Europe - CHECK OUT ASCOTT BOOTCAMP
GYMS - PRO-3 XTReme is fast becoming the UK's favourite Suspension Trainer.

1 - PRO3 HD Suspension Training Straps (adjustable) - with 32mm RUBBER handles (( please see differences in handles below)
2 - Door Anchor
3 - Suspension Anchor
4 - Allen key
5 - Mesh Bag
6 - Instructions 

7 - Additional Second Extender (select during item selection in the drop down menu in checkout )

WEIGHT: 965G Approx (1140G with second extender - See Description)
STRENGTH: HD (high density) Nylon Strap Tested to 500KG-600KG (maximum suggested user body weight 150-160KG) They are very strong.

The PRO Suspension Training gives you dynamic, suspended, bodyweight training. By harnessing your own body weight to provide resistance, you are able to target any muscle group with seamless exercise efficiency. Suspension training responds to your body, giving you control of your workout. It's versatile, portable, effective, (sets up and workout anywhere within minutes). Whether you are a beginner or a pro, everything can be adjusted to suit your body type and goals.


The kit includes:
1 x Fitness Suspension Trainer - The Strongest, most durable and safest kit on the market.
1 x Pair Rubber or Foam non slip, non sweat handles complete with foot loops - They are durable, comfortable and easy to clean.
1 x Door Anchor - Train at home - Hook the supplied kit attachment behind the "securely closed" door.
1 x Suspension Anchor Carabiner - Train outside and attach to any suitable, strong anchor.
1 x Meshed Carry Bag - Compact and easy to carry where ever you want to train.
1 x Quick Set Up Instruction Manual - Step by step images with practical exercises


The difference is personal preference. Some original trainers are foam, others are rubber. We do both - It could be said that rubber grips are heavier and feel more of a handful, with the foam covered being slightly lighter in weight with a tighter grip. That said, during intense workouts the rubber handles can be come sweaty (needless to say we always recommend padded gloves for all workouts so it's not an issue for us). Though with the foam covered, as they were primarily made for non-sweat and non slip, which renders "not much need for gloves". However, having worked out with both, using the foam covered handles with gloves is pretty nice too, and for those who train at home, the foam covered make less impact in terms of scratches and knocks to doors, door frames and wooden floors.
The rubber handles definitely live up to their name by feeling heavy duty, and that's evident when opening the box. The foam covered are more of a wolf in sheep's clothing, i.e. lighter to feel yet definitely as strong. 

It's down to personal choice. Though should you get torn, not knowing which way to go - Ping us a message, there may be a solution.  


As the PRO-3 HD kit comes with 1 x extender, which takes the kit to approximately 3 meters, a second extender isn't always required. Yet for those with high rafters, or if you want an adjustable extender with the added carabiner, then please select the kit with the second extender. 


The X-Mount anchor is designed for walls and ceilings where normally fixing or lashing unsuitable, or it maybe just preference. The mount is 480 grams (0.5 kilo) in weight, 120mm in diameter, 12mm thickness and 60mm in height and comes complete with both wood and wall mounted fixings. Overall it's quite large, hence it's very durable for all types of suspension training. 
Please note that it is an optional add-on and not always necessary. The kit comes with a door anchor and one x extender - the X-mount is optional. 



1 - PRO3 HD Military Green Rubber Handles  = (in Stock)
2 - PRO 3 HD Military Foam Covered Handles = (in stock) 

3 - PRO3 HD XTReme Military Green Rubber Handles + Second Extender = (in stock) 
4 - PRO3 HD Military Green Foam Covered Handles + Second Extender =  (in stock)
5 - PRO3 HD XTReme Green Yellow Rubber Handles + Second Extender = (in stock) (NEWEST VERSION OCTOBER 2021)
6 - PRO3 HD XTReme Green Yellow Covered Handles + Second Extender =  (in stock) (NEWEST VERSION OCTOBER 2021)

OPTIONAL ADDON - X Mount Ceiling/Wall Anchor = £15.99 (in stock) Separate listing


Unlike the old badge that was susceptible to water, sweat or dust ingress. The new strap badge is sewn into the arms straps, which is set in from the edges offering a more comfortable exercise experience. This is the preferred version for Army, Navy, RAF, and Gyms. That said, all kits are manufactured to the same technical specification - the badges come down to personal choice.

Photo and videos may show different variations of colours, extenders and badges etc - please select the version that best suits you - The actual item description is in the checkout header title.    


This item is stocked and located in the UK. When you order from us, your item is dispatched sent out from here same day. As a general rule we only use Ebay's 2-3 day tracked and signed for service. That way you will receive instant tracking information and peace of mind that your delivery is on it's way.


To arrive in pristine condition - The suspension set will be packaged in it's original format, then placed into a courier friendly box.

Any questions - Please ask before purchasing - We are happy to answer anything.

On a side note - These are really heavy duty suspension sets and I "David" have used one myself for many years, i.e. It can be used at home or at the gym, even taken on vacation trips - I do this myself.