A Guide on Ghosts and How to Investigate Them

Do you want to understand what ghosts are and how to being investigating them?
Then look no further, this is your Ghost Guide!

Ghost Guide: "A Guide on Ghosts and How to Investigate Them" is more than just a beginner's guide or "how to" book on investigating ghosts and hauntings.

The author encourages the reader to think outside the box in terms of what is generally accepted about the nature of ghosts and spirits.

Included within these pages are:

*FAQ's about ghosts
*Types of ghosts
*Ghostly legends
*Ghosts in world cultures
*Famous ghosts
*The when, where and how of ghost hunting
*Understanding ghost hunting equipment
*Protective and banishment practices
*Psychic ghost hunting

Also included are interviews with leading figures in the field of paranormal investigation and spiritualism, who offer their take on what they believe ghosts and spirits are.