Listing our beautiful 1997 Jeep Wrangler SE Sport for sale to test the waters. We have had this Jeep for about six years and it has been a great summer vehicle to drive to the beach and around town with the top down. We simply have not driven her as much as we would like to, so we are hoping we can find a good home where she will get the TLC she deserves.

Please also understand that this vehicle is 23 years old, without warranty, and will most likely require continued maintenance to keep her in good shape. We have set our price taking into consideration that are many imperfections and this is not a show car or collection quality vehicle. The Jeep is a 2.5L, MANUAL transmission, NON-power steering beach cruiser... we want a buyer who understands these limitations. I will do my best to explain in detail below. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS! THANKS!!!

The Jeep is in good condition for it's age, being 23 years old with 132K on the odometer. We were surprised to find most of the body ID tags intact on the vehicle and all the sheet metal is original. The windshield is even original with no cracks. The paint is in decent shape and looks good from 10 feet, but there are multiple imperfections from rock chips, scratches, and areas where the paint has started to flake in a few corners where the body lines meet around the lower front grille, cowl vent, and top of windshield. The rear swing door aluminum hinges have oxidized. There is some surface rust on the frame too, so I included pictures for full transparency. The tub is excellent and shows original paint over spray under the rails. I tried my best to include some photos of the undercarriage in key areas that could use a wire brushing / protective coating. The front fender sheet metal has popped as you can see in the photos, so we are providing new replacement parts. The aluminum wheels are aftermarket American Racing Outlaw 15x8 and have scratches and oxidization. I do have one additional wheel that is new in the box.  The BF Goodrich tires are 30x9.5 and have some crazing on the sidewalls.  The tires have a lot of tread left but I would not trust them on the highway.  Overall, I think she is in about the best shape you could possibly expect from a Jeep that has split most of its time on the East Coast beaches and the Midwest. It is obvious that prior owners cared for the vehicle.

The interior is in good condition with no rips or tears in the seats. The rear bench is in great shape as well. The steering wheel leather is chipping and some of the plastic parts have faded or have been marred. The carpet is in throw away condition and should be replaced. The good news is that the floor is solid and has been kept from the elements. I took a few photos with the carpet up so you can see that the floor is solid with no rot.

Their are some tasteful modifications to the vehicle including an integrated stereo with Pioneer XD Bluetooth Head Unit, Dash speakers, and 400W Kicker Tower speakers. A LED light bar has been installed on the front bumper with an upfitter on/off switch on the center stack. The soft top is brand new aftermarket reproduction of the original spice top and is fully removable as are the half door windows. The wheels are aftermarket but are nothing to look at. The BF Goodrich All Terrain KO off-road tires have a lot of tread left and are in good shape. These are 30x15x9.5.

With the sale we are also including 2 full OEM doors with fixed manual side mirrors. The doors are in the correct paint code but are a shade off from the OEM finish. The doors are in storage currently, so I did not have access to photo today as part of the listing. Please email me and I can send you a photo of the doors and any other details needed. We also are including brand new steel front LH/RH front fenders in the box to OEM sheet metal spec. They are already primed and ready for paint.

Clutch is in good shape and she shifts smoothly. The engine runs strong and we have paperwork showing a prior owner replaced the Rotor, Cap, Spark Plugs, and Wires in 2016. The Jeep has not leaked any motor oil during our time of ownership, but there is evidence that there was a head gasket leak prior to our ownership. The valve cover has oil baked on it all around the vent. I did monitor this by checking oil frequently and have not had to add any oil, so I believe it to be resolved prior. The front steering box has a "Remanufactured" sticker on it, but we lack paperwork on this update. The brake booster has a Bendix sticker on it (remanfactured), but we lack paperwork on this update. I did have her into a Jeep dealership and spent several hundred on new front rotors, new brake pads, and new brake line.

This Jeep has a very rare set of factory options that were selected. 1997 was the first year of the new TJ body style and it was the only year that Jeep allowed Factory Deletes of base vehicle content. In 1998 model year forward these items all became Standard content. The Jeep is also painted in a low run paint color called Bright Jade Satin Glow, which was a 2 year color offering on SE only. Whoever ordered this Jeep wanted a stripped down version similar to the prior CJ/YJ heritage. The following options were included in the custom order:

4XA: AC Delete. This vehicle does not have AC.
RA: Radio Delete. A aftermarket stereo has been added recently.
SAA: Manual Steering. This vehicle does not have power steering! Make sure you are okay with this! It drives like a old Willys Jeep, or the prior models CJ or YJ!
GCH: Factory Half Doors. We also have a set of full doors that go with the sale.

We have kept the Jeep indoors for winter storage and have used an all weather cover to keep it out of the sun when left outside.

We have completed the following Maintenance/Upgrades since owning below. We have driven less than 250 miles on the odometer since these updates:

NEW Front Rotors & Brake Pads. Summer 2018
Serviced rear drum brakes. Summer 2018
NEW Wiper Blades. Summer 2018
NEW Smittybilt Spice Soft Top w/ Half Doors. Summer 2020
NEW Bestop Spice Roll Bar. Summer 2020
NEW Rampage Upper Door Frames. Summer 2020
NEW MOPAR Battery Summer 2020
Replace Rear Brake Line & Flush. Summer 2020
NEW Vehicle cover (still in box). Summer 2020

We have several records of the following replaced items in 2016 prior to our ownership:

NEW Converter & O2 Sensor
NEW Muffler
NEW Cap, Rotor, Wire and Plugs
NEW Quadratec Ultimate Floor Liners

See below the factory ordered options with the unique build. Sorry I am not able to get this data formatted.

*J6: Vinyl High-Back Bucket Seats;-T6: Saddle;133: Zone 33-Philadelphia;1AA: U.S. Dealer Retail;23A: Customer Preferred Package 23A;2TA: Customer Preferred Package 2TA;3CD: Sunroof Delete;3VC: Customer Preferred Discount;4XA: Air Conditioning Bypass;5IS: TJ-Vehicle Family;5IW: JS-Vehicle Family;631: New Jersey State ;6U5: Paint Order ;931: New Jersey State ;A18: 2.5L ENGINE(EPE)/5SP MAN TRANS(DDQ);ALA: SE Decor Group;APA: Monotone Paint;BAH: 81 Amp Alternator;BCD: 500 Amp Maintenance Free Battery;BGA: Power Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes;CAD: High Back Bucket Seats;CDB: Reclining Front Seats;CFM: Rear Folding Seat;CGW: Next Generation Front Air Bags**;CKE: Front Seat Area Carpet;CKF: Rear Seat/Wheelhouse/Cargo Carpet;CKR: Cargo Net;CKT: Cargo Tie Down Loops;CUM: Mini Floor Console;DBB: All Manual Transmissions;DDQ: 5-Speed Manual Transmission;DHN: Command-Trac Part Time 4WD System;DJJ: Dana 30/186MM Front Axle;DMF: 4.10 Rear Axle Ratio;DRJ: 175MM Rear Axle;EAA: All Engines;EPE: Engine - 2.5L Power Tech I-4 Cyl.;GBB: Tinted Windshield Glass;GCC: Plastic Front Door Window;GCH: Half Metal Doors with Locks;GRV: Left Manual Mirror;GSV: Right Manual Mirror;GTV: Swing-Away Mirrors;GVA: All Vehicles W/O Power Mirrors;HCD: Heater w/Instrument Pnl Ventilation;JAY: Instrument Cluster w/Tach;JCD: 100 MPH Primary Speedometer;JJB: Dual Note Electric Horns;JJJ: 12V Auxiliary Power Outlet;JKA: Locking Glove Box;K3Z: STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING/COLOR;KWP: STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING/COLOR;KXP: STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING/COLOR;LAP: Shift Indicator Warning Lamp;LMA: Halogen Headlamps;LPS: CHMSL Lamp;MB5: Black Rear Bumper;MBA: Painted Front Bumper;MCH: Gloss Black Fascia Applique;MFP: Chrome Headlamp Bezels;MFR: Black Front Frame Overlay;MFT: Body Color Grille;MWB: Off Road Truck Tailgate;NAA: Federal Emissions;NBK: EVAP Control System;NFS: 15 Gallon Fuel Tank;PQP: Bright Jade Satin Glow;QQP: Bright Jade Satin Glow;RA8: Delete Radio;SAA: Manual Steering;SCE: Alcantara Wrap Steering Wheel;SDA: Normal Duty Suspension;SHA: Front Stabilizer Bar;SHC: Front and Rear Stabilizer Bars;TBC: Compact Spare Tire;TBR: Outside Tire Carrier;TPN: P205/75R15 Wrangler RT/S AT Tires;TZA: Goodyear Brand Tires;VJU: Spice Soft Top;WJK: 15X6.0 Styled Steel Wheels;WLY: All Steel Wheels;XEE: Fuel Tank Skid Plate Shield;XEF: Transfer Case Skid Plate Shield;XJF: Tethered Fuel Filler Cap;YAA: Build To U.S. Mkt. Specifications;YGF: 8 Additional Gallons of Gas;Z5A: GVW/Payload Rating;ZAD: Spring - Left Front;ZAU: Spring - Left Rear;ZND: Spring - Right Front;ZNU: Spring - Right Rear



Black Front Bumper

Chrome Headlamp Bezels

Black Front Frame Overlay

Body Color Grille

Off Road Truck Tailgate

EVAP Control System

Bright Jade Satin Glow

Front Stabilizer Bar

Front and Rear Stabilizer Bars

Outside Tire Carrier

Goodyear Brand Tires

Fuel Tank Skid Plate Shield

Transfer Case Skid Plate Shield

Tethered Fuel Filler Cap

Build To U.S. Mkt. Specifications

GVW/Payload Rating

U.S. Dealer Retail

Zone 33-Philadelphia

TJ-Vehicle Family

JS-Vehicle Family

New Jersey State Code

New Jersey State Code

Vinyl High-Back Bucket Seats

SE Decor Group (09-06-15)

500 Amp Maintenance Free Battery

High Back Bucket Seats

Rear Folding Seat

Rear Seat/Wheelhouse/Cargo Carpet

Cargo Net

Floor Console w/Cupholder

All Manual Transmissions

5-Speed Manual Transmission

4.11 Rear Axle Ratio

All Engines

2.5L I4 Power Tech Engine

Left Manual Mirror

Right Manual Mirror

All Vehicles W/O Power Mirrors

Shift Indicator Warning Lamp

Black Rear Bumper

Bumper Extensions

Federal Emissions

15.3 Gallon Fuel Tank

Bright Jade Satin Glow

Delete Radio

Manual Steering

Alcantara Wrap Steering Wheel

Normal Duty Suspension

Compact Spare Tire

P205/75R15 Wrangler RT/S AT Tires

Spice Soft Top

15X6.0 Styled Steel Wheels
All Steel Wheels

8 Additional Gallons of Gas

Spring - Left Front

Spring - Left Rear

Spring - Right Front

Spring - Right Rear

Customer Preferred Package 2TA

Customer Preferred Package 23A

Sunroof Delete

Customer Preferred Discount

Air Conditioning Bypass

Paint Order Code