Here's another one of my flip-tops going up for sale. This is a fabulous example of an early 1967 B-15NF. The sound of these B15 combos is on just about every Motown and Soul record recorded during the 60s and 70s and have continued to be the choice of MANY artists across all genres to this day. I own several of them currently and can't get enough. I gig with a B-15 for small clubs regularly. These transitional black tolex models have some unique cosmetics and are some of the most rare of the B15 variations, these only were made for around a year in between the blue checkered and the more updated 70s style. These have a different style ported baffle and some obvious cosmetic changes but are still 100% true to the B-15 sound. This one features the extremely rare parallelogram "Ampeg" logo. You will not see many of these. Dates to 1967 by serial number. Most of the black tolex 67s feature different style knobs and lack the black parallelogram around the logo. Only the earliest black tolex models have the parallelogram This one is working perfectly and has been serviced with respect to its original circuit. Great care has been taken to complete all work as carefully and true to original values. A grounded AC power cable was added for safety reasons. All the electrolytic filter capacitors have been replaced to ensure its best performance and reliability, some of the coupling caps were replaced with orange drops. The output transformer needed to be replaced so I took the initiative to source an OEM NOS output transformer. I was able to get an OT-214 from 1978 still made by Electrical Windings Company Chicago. This is just as good if not better than the original. Its the exact OEM transformer but just 10 years newer. It was installed discretely and cleanly so there is no excess noise. Beware a "quick and dirty" output transformer install in these amps will easily result in excess noise. The original lead dress and shielding needs to be maintained. Power transformer is original. All original components have been checked for drift and check out near perfectly as expected. All the tubes are original to this amplifier. 2x vintage GE 6L6GC and 3x vintage RCA 6SL7s as well as a British made 5AR4 rectifier. Likely a Mullard. The brown base preamp tube in the phase inverter position I believe is a 5691 but the writing rubbed off. All the tubes are in great working order, bias and tube current has been checked and is proper spec. I see no reason to replace this valuable old glass. The speaker is an Altec 418A with the original cone. Which sounds superb. Sounds exactly as it should. Punchy and clear, nice and fat and round tone. It has some signs of age and use and storage but is in very good cosmetic condition with its age considered. Well above average and 95% original. The side handles are an aftermarket addition (very helpful). The leather strap handle on top is also homemade but STRONG. Includes the original trolley as well. Rolls nicely and can easily be removed. This is a great workhorse example of a great sounding B-15NF. I can ship this worldwide at buyers cost. Will be packed like a tank to ensure its safe arrival. This will require extra care which most inexperienced sellers are simply to be capable of. I have a track record of strong packaging and know how to make sure your equipment arrives in the same condition it was shipped in. I have shipped fliptop amps worldwide successfully in the past. This is not cheap unfortunately as it requires special materials. Postage as well as insurance is included in final cost. This will be insured for its FULL value. Local cash pickup also available. Save $$ Please ask questions. I have answers.