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Winning bidder to pay $1,000 documentation fee plus taxes of $843, plus winning bid within 24 hours of auction's end time.

Entire payment (including buyer's info) is due within 24 hours
of the end of the auction. Images of the home were provided by a notary I hired and were taken in August 2021.


This information is listed at the top of this listing.
The special assessments and taxes due are $843 which are good through March 31, 2024.


All properties are sold "AS IS WHERE IS."
- We pay for recording fees.

Payment Options

Once Buyer has paid in full, I will pay for the quitclaim deed(s) to be filed with the county, or it will be e-Recorded online.
If mailed, the Buyer will then receive the original, recorded paperwork with the USPS tracking number that will 
be provided. If done online, Buyer will receive PDF of filed title(s).

Once Buyer has paid in full, the quitclaim deed(s) will be filed. 
I will pay the fees to record the property.

Per PayPal's website, PayPal is not a payment option.

Payment Methods

1. Cashier or Personal Check (Must be mailed overnight.)
2. Money Order (Must be mailed overnight.)
. Debit / Credit Card (May take 1 week to clear.)
4. Bank Deposit / Wire

The quitclaim deed will be recorded once the balance is paid in full.
All properties are sold "AS IS WHERE IS."

Per PayPal's website, PayPal is not a payment option.

Property Info

Property for Sale: Columbus, North Dakota 58727

103rd St NW, Columbus, ND 58727

Actual Images 8/2021
Home. Approx 840 Sq Ft.
0.77 Acres. Corner Lot.

Abbreviated Legal Description:
N. Eight Two . Five’ Lot A, Outlot Five, Columbus City

GPS Coordinates:
48.9088635, -102.77655


Property Taxes:

Burke, ND

Parcel Number:
Property Images

Mountain View

Mountain View

Mountain View

Mountain View

Mountain View

Mountain View

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Mountain View

  Seller Credibility 


*** 100% Positive Feedback on eBay ***
Bought, sold, and financed dozens of properties.

Communication & Repeat Business


1. I respond to most question requests via replying to eBay messages. 

2. At the end of the auction, I don't expect you to simply send funds without further talking
to us after you provide the required information. So, if you request our telephone number. I will provide that.
Additionally, I can 
provide tangible documents to you showing that I have legal entitlement to sell said properties.

3. Please keep in mind, I must physically receive funds within 24 hours starting from the
end of the auction.
 Non-banking / mailing days do not count (for example, Sundays & holidays).

4. Your 5-Star Feedback is much appreciated, and I strive to make you happy.

5. If you are a Buyer (or Bidder) who has bid, purchased, or inquired on our website or on eBay
and you agreed to buy something and have not completed the sale, then the following terms apply:
If I, the Seller, have not retained all funds then any bids you make will be deemed null and void
(As evidenced by eBay Auctions, eBay Messages, emails you have sent, or text messages you have sent).


Your repeat business is much appreciated. We have several repeat clients not only in the USA,
but also several other countries spanning across North,  Central & South America as well
as as 
Europe, Asia, and Australia. We are happy to serve you with providing a fast rate of service.

We have excellent reviews (and followers) online, including
Facebook, Better Business Bureau, Twitter (X), Google Maps, etc.

Payment Terms, Conditions & Delivery



1. Buyer must contact Seller and state the following within 24 hours at the end of the auction for recording purposes:
Buyer must state their Name, Corporation, or Trust they wish to put on the title along with the mailing address.
If in a person's name, marital status is also required. Buyer must also state payment method they intend on using 
as well as specific details within 24 hours of the auction's end time. 

2. Payment must be received within 24 hours from the time the auction ends.

3. If more than one parcel is for sale, buyer must specify parcels.

4. If mailing in payment, overnight mail is mandatory.
(Your fee will be taken off the sales price. I will credit $20.)

5. Acceptable payment information shown below:
a. Money order or cashier's check. Debit or Credit Card  (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or Discover)
 (Must wait for funds to clear, varies by bank) 
(If paying by card, you will receive an emailed invoice & purchase receipt.)
Card payments take about 1 week to clear my account.

c. Personal checks are allowed, but we need to wait until funds clear.

d. PayPal is NOT allowed.





1. Although I do not wish to do so, if any buyer does not pay within
said time (see above), there will be a non-payment status filed against your account.

2. Due Diligence: Before purchasing any property, please conduct your own Due Diligence.  
All properties are sold "as is, where is." Ask all questions before your purchase.  Your bid is 
a legal agreement to purchase and indicates that you have completed all DUE DILIGENCE.

3. All information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. 
Laws vary by state and change every day. I suggest that you consult an 
attorney before completing any real estate transaction
All properties are sold "AS IS. WHERE IS."

4. Seller reserves the right to end auction early without notice.
Seller is an owner and/or assignor of all said properties.
Seller has the right to sell all properties, and, in certain instances
may be selling them via contract options and/or assignments, however,
Seller has the right to sell said properties.  

5. In the very rare event buyer wishes to take legal action against seller, any
legal action must take place & be filed in Seller's county,
and arbitration processes must be conducted beforehand as per Agreement.

6. If bidder has low/poor feedback, seller has right to cancel bid without notice.
If you place a bid and another bid is cancelled and you become the high bidder, you must pay. 

7. If purchasing by debit or credit card, Buyer agrees to not execute a bank
chargeback of the purchase for any reason whatsoever, as Buyer is responsible
for completing all Due Diligence prior to completing the transaction of said real estate. 

8. If anyone is placing a bid (directly as a bidder, or indirectly through another person) and they have been banned
by us, have not paid us in full, or were told not to contact us again, then any bid (even a winning bid) will be
deemed null and void, as documented on eBay or CheapLands website.


1. When the funds you send clear my account, I will then mail out your deed to the county
(or it will most likely be electronically recorded online- if the county has that option) and
from the date that your payment clears my bank account, the title should be recorded
within 2-4 weeks. In certain instances, if the property is extremely tax delinquent,
it may take 5 to 12 weeks to record. The average turnaround time is about 3-4 weeks.
The county will receive the deed, and then they mail you the original, recorded
deed to the address that you have provided.