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Written and Directed by: John Swarr

Produced by Stompin Stu, llc in association with Bang Pictures, inc.

Producers: John Swarr, Mark Eaton and Byron Friday.

Executive producers: John Swarr, Stu Thomsen

Art Director: Tim Baker

Music Director: Rick Gadd

Web Designer: Gerry Creighton


From the makers of award winning film, Joe Kid on a Stingray. Stompin’ Stu is a true story about perhaps the most dominant BMX racer in history, Stu Thomsen. From his battles off the track to his battles on the track, Stompin’ Stu is most importantly a film about being inspired.

The film explores Stu’s fast track to BMX stardom from his battles with legend rider Brent Patterson to his fierce battles with his own brother, Greg Hill. Featuring races from the Bercy cross in Paris France to the World championship Knotts Berry farms race in California.

The story is entirely told through interviews of respected BMX legends and features the stories behind each of his sponsors throughout his career. It goes on to tell the story about his transition from BMX pro to his current career.

The film enters Stu’s life as a prostate cancer survivor and uncovers his surprise triumphs after recovery.

Starring: Stu Thomsen , Perry “PK” Kramer, Jesse James, Tommy Brackens, Eddy King, Brian Lopes, Scot Clark, Greg Hill, Rod Beckering, Skip Hess, Linn Kastan, Scot Breithaupt, Bob Hadley, Greg Grubbs, Brent Patterson, Brian Patterson, Vance Patterson, Ronnie Anderson, Bob Haro, Dennis Dain, Tanya Thomsen, Hans Thomsen, Madeline Thomsen, Jacob Thomsen, Steve Giberson, Bob Todesco, Dana “The Duke of Oakley” Duke.

Approx. 48 min.